Small clc foam concrete block mixer making machine

2022-09-15 18:35:25

The clc foam concrete also called foam cement, is a new kind of energy efficient insulation. A foaming agent is added to the foam generator to foam, kneaded into cement, mixed with water, and then poured into a new type of material and molded. Applies to roof insulation structures. The foam used for the roof insulation has heat retention and heat insulation functions, and has 20 to 30 times the heat insulation effect of normal, keeping the room temperature of the top floor the same as the other floors, keeping it warm in winter and warm in summer.

clc foam concrete block mixer making machine

Small clc foam concrete block mixer making machine can be used to produce various specifications of cement foam board, cement foam brick and exterior wall insulation. It is also applied to thermal insulation, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion of water, heating and transmission oil pipelines, low-temperature cold storage and cold storage depot sections, and can also be used to fill internal voids in tunnels and mines, etc.

clc foam concrete block mixer making machine

Small clc foam concrete block mixer machine include feeding system – truck and hopper, foam system – foam generator, mixing system – foam concrete mixer, control system – control panel, storage system – storage tank. Used for the production of lightweight foam concrete. Great integrity and easy operation mean low labor intensity and low construction costs.

The clc foam concrete block mixer machine light weight, excellent sound and thermal insulation, and excellent strength properties such as waterproofing make it an ideal replacement for today’s traditional walls.

clc foam concrete block mixer making machine

The operation process of clc foam concrete block mixer machine is as follows:

1.Design the thickness of the insulation layer for residential construction according to the strength and density of foam cement

2.Find the height and elastic wire, determine the thickness of the foam concrete, stick it to the height of the slurry and pull the wire for the screed. At the same time, set a template around the construction surface.

3.Mix the slurry evenly. According to the ratio of water and cement, add water into the mixer to prepare a slurry aggregate, then mix the foaming agent and water to prepare a foaming liquid, and foam together with the aggregate in the mixer to achieve uniform foaming. produce the product.

4.Through high pressure port, pipeline high-rise pump to housing construction site

clc foam concrete block mixer making machine

5.The foam cement can be poured into the floor of the house and can be operated in sections and time divisions. Also, be aware of the difference between the casting thickness and the actual thickness. During construction, observe the flow and pressure of the pouring metal, and strictly control the thickness of the pouring metal and the flatness of the wall surface. Too thick will add weight and cost to the wall, too thin will affect the insulation effect.

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