Planetary vertical shaft mixer

2023-05-13 16:05:06

Planetary vertical shaft mixer stands out among all kinds of mixing equipment by virtue of its advantages of efficient mixing equipment, which has brought high homogeneous mixing effect to the mixing production of various industries, and the scale of the service industry is constantly expanding.

vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer


The planetary vertical shaft mixer has a unique planetary mixing mode and is equipped with a specially designed planetary mixer reducer device. The mixing blade is driven by the mixing arm to perform planetary operation in the cylinder, the running track covers the whole mixing bottom, and there is no mixing blind area. It can treat materials with different particle sizes and complicated ratio designs with high homogeneity, and the mixing effect is remarkable. The adjustable configuration and parameters of our planetary vertical shaft mixer have expanded the application field of industrial mixing.

According to the mixing demand of different industries, we can make personalized settings on the material selection of the liner and mixing device of the planetary vertical shaft mixer, which can meet the mixing demand of various industries and prolong the service life of the planetary vertical shaft mixer equipment.

The color and capacity of the planetary vertical shaft mixer can be customized, please contact us for more information!


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