Peristaltic concrete hose pump supplier

2022-10-10 16:32:54

Peristaltic concrete hose pump is a new type of multi-function industrial pump developed by absorbing foreign advanced technology. Peristaltic concrete hose pump completely abandons the traditional working mode of the pump impeller and shaft seal, it has great advantages in conveying medium with high viscosity, high corrosion, and large fluid impurities.

Peristaltic concrete hose pump supplier

The working principle of a peristaltic concrete hose pump is that a hose fixed in the pump cavity is compressed by an outer shoe or pressure roller to force the medium out of the outlet. The compressed hose quickly returns to its round shape, creating a vacuum and drawing more medium into the hose lumen for multiple deliveries. The medium is completely enclosed in the hose lumen and no moving parts such as slipper shoes or rollers come into contact with the hose.

Peristaltic concrete hose pump supplier

The peristaltic concrete hose pump has the following features:

1.No valve work and a wide flow path. Suitable for pumping viscous and granular slurries.

2. Metered pumping, no backflow, steady flow.

3. It is convenient for flow rate adjustment and can also be used as a metering pump by selecting external parts.

4. Pumped mud only contacts the squeeze hose. A variety of hose materials can be used to accommodate different slurries.

5. The doorway can be switched freely. If there is a foreign object stuck, you can turn it over and remove it.

6. The high degree of vacuum and strong self-priming ability.

7. Easy to clean, no need to disassemble, can clean the conveying pipeline

Peristaltic concrete hose pumps can be used in the following areas:

1. Gold smelting: transportation of gold slurry

2. Acid, alkali, phosphate, titanium dioxide phosphate, titanium dioxide (metal titanate) slurry, crystallization liquid, suspension, latex, resin, sludge, and various liquids in the chemical industry.

3. Transportation of drilling mud, crude oil, organic solvent, and fuel oil (gasoline, kerosene, etc.) in the petroleum industry.

4. Transportation of sludge, lime slurry, additive chemicals, water sampling, and sediment after water treatment.

Peristaltic concrete hose pump supplier

5. Gold mine filler, iron oxide scale, flue gas sludge treatment, groundwater discharge, adsorbent, mortar, and other mining and metallurgical industries.

6. Transport of chemicals in the pharmaceutical industry.

7. Transportation of oils and beverages in the food industry.

8. Conveying pulp and sulfur pulp in the paper industry.

9. Conveying cement mortar in the construction industry

10. Transportation of raw material slurry in the ceramic industry.

11. Transportation of nuclear waste, electrolytic waste, metal slag, paints, coatings, and other liquids and materials.

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