Low price refractory castable mixer machine for sale UAE

2022-01-17 18:10:25

Compared to traditional stirrers, the low price refractory castable mixer  machine for sale UAE has undergone a wear-resistant upgrade. The relevant parts are hardened and wear-resistant enhancement technology not only guarantees user cost savings, but also extends the durability and service life of the equipment. The refractory castable mixer  machine for sale UAE on the market has a rigorous structural structure and high equipment. The processing method of rotation speed and variable speed makes full use of the function of the equipment.

Low price refractory castable mixer machine for sale UAE

The refractory castable mixer  machine for sale UAE is used to mix refractory materials, plastic concrete, mortar, slag, coatings, castables, silicate products and other mixed dry materials, semi-dry materials, wet materials or jelly materials. Equipment can also be equipped with various elevators, automated batch production lines and other equipment. The refractory castable mixer  machine for sale can be customized and processed according to customer’s needs to meet customer’s requirements of various occasions. It is widely used in mixed fields such as the refractory industry, steel industry, and building materials industry, and has been highly evaluated by users.

Low price refractory castable mixer machine for sale UAE

As a new type of mixer, the refractory castable mixer  machine for sale can not only complete the mixing operation, but also achieve dispersion. When processing a material, the refractory mixer uses the function of the shaft to impact, shear, disperse and stir the material. The ability to form a multi-faceted implementation, the characteristics and use of refractory mixer characteristics and features can address the problems that may occur in production, and the equipment has powerful processing power.

Low price refractory castable mixer machine for sale UAE

Precautions for low price refractory castable mixer  machine for sale:

  1. Preparation before starting: There are no miscellaneous goods on the disc, bolts of each part are not loose or insufficient, reducer oil is enough, scraper is not loose, angle is correct, power supply Please Confirm. Supply, and whether the wire is leaking.
  2. Boot: Make sure to clear all the materials on the disc, empty them and then restart. Turn on the power, start the machine, hear the noise, and add the material according to the regulations.
  3. Shutdown: When the pot ingredients are finished, stop the machine and clean the rest of the pot ingredients.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the machine after loading the material for the first time.
  5. After the low price refractory castable mixer  machine for salehas completed the mixing operation, it should be cleaned in time.

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