Lightweight foam concrete machine used for bridge abutment backfilling

2024-02-01 14:38:29

Under the action of vehicle load, structural self-weight, and natural factors, bridges and roads settle simultaneously. Due to the different materials of the bridge, roadbed, and road surface, there are differences in stiffness, strength, expansion, contraction, etc., and the stiffness of the two suddenly changes greatly. There is a big difference in the amount of settlement between the two. At the same time, when the bridgehead connection position is stressed, stress concentration is easily formed. Some factors such as vehicle speed and the anti-vibration performance of the vehicle itself cause the road settlement to be much greater than the bridge settlement, which increases the differential settlement and causes the road surface to form steps or significant longitudinal slopes. Changes lead to the phenomenon of bumpy and jumping at the bridgehead when driving. This phenomenon exists on almost every bridge, and the only difference is the severity of the jumping. Dealing with bridgehead car jumping costs a lot of money and causes negative social impacts.

The main engineering measures to deal with bridge head jumps include: improving the stiffness of the roadbed filling, such as increasing the compaction degree, foundation treatment, setting up bridge head decking, replacing hard gravel materials, backfilling with lightweight fillers to reduce additional stress on the foundation, adding geotechnical Measures such as reinforcing materials to reduce lateral deformation and improving the compressive modulus of the roadbed can reduce differential settlement.

Foam lightweight concrete is a new lightweight and environmentally friendly filling material that can effectively solve the problems of strength and deformation.

Foam lightweight concrete is a foaming agent that is fully mechanically foamed through the effective physical means of the lightweight foam concrete machine. The foaming agent and aqueous solution are prepared into a foam group, which is added to a mixture of cement-based cementitious materials and water in a certain proportion. , component aggregates, admixtures, and admixtures are mixed in a certain proportion to make a slurry, which is cast-in-place or molded through the pumping system of the lightweight foam concrete machine. It is mixed and stirred and hardened by physical and chemical effects. It is a novel material that contains a large number of closed pores and has a lighter bulk density than other geotechnical materials.

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