LHS0110PT jet agitated hydroseeder with a skid type

2023-12-19 14:59:17

LHS0110PT is a jet-agitated hydroseeder with a skid type. It will seed 350 square meters per load. It is equipped with a 13 H. P. Honda (electric start engine) that is directly coupled to a 4″ X 4″ high volume centrifugal pump. The unit also comes with 60m of DN32 discharge hose and 3 nozzles (1 wide hydro seeding nozzle, 1 medium nozzle, and 1 straight nozzle).  And LHS0110PT jet agitated hydroseeder with a skid type can be mounted on the back of a truck with sufficient load capacity or it can also be easily operated from a trailer.

LHS0110PT is an ideal hydroseeder for a landscaper doing residential and commercial seeding with average jobs in the 185 m2 to 4000 m2. The fastest mixing is with a totally full load but mixing less than a full load is easy and fast. The time to spray a complete tank is about 15 minutes. Mixing time is 1-20 minutes depending on material. This unit comes with a 60m discharge hose. LHS0110PT jet agitated hydroseeder with a skid type will easily handle an extra 60m of hose. The spray distance with the straight nozzle is approximately 28m.

LHS0110PT jet agitated hydroseeder with a skid type features a 4″ X 4″  80m³/h pump that was designed specifically for hydroseeding. The 2″ I.D. jets are equipped with a quick coupler for easy service in the unlikely event of a problem, a quick disconnect for the discharge hose, and a bale tray for easy loading.

LHS0110PT jet-agitated hydroseeder comes equipped with a long-life poly tank that can never rust, the ability to mix partial loads, a simple but powerful design with few moving parts, continuous agitation, and the ability to control the flow at the gun without making adjustments at the unit. It has larger jets than most competitive units allowing them to mix faster. Operators have full control of the flow which allows quicker mixing, more control when trimming, and greater reach on hillsides. 

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