Industrial peristaltic hose squeeze pump for concrete

2022-03-25 17:52:35

Industrial peristaltic hose squeeze pump for concrete also can transport media: strong abrasive media, high density media, corrosive media, high solids media, shear sensitive media, weighing applications, high viscosity media, high maintenance cost applications, long fibers Medium, self-priming opportunity and crystalline medium.

Industrial peristaltic hose squeeze pump for concrete

When the industrial peristaltic hose squeeze pump for concrete is operating, there are no shaft seals, bearings, or stator failures. Due to the special principle of slurry transfer peristaltic pumps, it is also possible to pump all kinds of gas-containing materials without cavitation. Since the liquid pumped only contacts the rubber hose, the hose pump can transport any corrosive or abrasive medium that the rubber can withstand. The slurry transfer hose pump can also be rotated in the reverse direction while reducing power consumption. The slurry peristaltic hose pump has a high weighing capacity and can be used as a weighing pump.

Industrial peristaltic hose squeeze pump for concrete

Application and maintenance of industrial peristaltic hose squeeze pump for concrete:

  1. U-shaped hose series Electric corrosion resistant self-priming pump

(1) Pre-start check: Check that the connectors and fasteners are secure, pressurize to the working pressure with clean water, and check each system for leaks.

(2) Be careful when starting up and operating. The voltage is constant enough, the rotation speed is uniform, and the sound is normal. If the pump is equipped with other power machines, they must be operated according to the requirements of their operating instructions. When the hose pump is idling (vacuum or exhaust), the rotation speed of the pump should not exceed 200 rpm. The working pressure must not exceed the rated working pressure of the slurry hose pump.

(3) After use, it is necessary to work in fresh water for 1-2 minutes and clean the work cavity and pipeline to prevent damage to the hose due to residual crystallization of certain liquids.

(4) How to replace the hose:

  1. Remove the front end cover, remove the shaft retaining ring of the roller shaft, and remove the roller.
  2. By loosening the reinforcing hoop, the inlet nozzle and outlet nozzle can be taken out, and the U-shaped hose can be taken out from the pump cavity.
  3. Hose installation and replacement can be reversed.

Industrial peristaltic hose squeeze pump for concrete

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Industrial peristaltic hose squeeze pump for concrete

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