Hydroseeding mulch machine with electric-start diesel engine

2024-02-23 16:14:00

Hydroseeding mulch machine with electric-start diesel engines are mainly divided into hydraulic hydroseeding mulch machine (grass seed sprayers or grass seed sprayers) and hydroseeding mulch machine. The hydraulic sprayer is generally low in power, which is suitable for spraying and curing light materials and grass seeds; Hydroseeding mulch machine with electric-start diesel engine has high power, adopts bipolar pump design, has high outlet pressure and high slurry concentration, and its maximum direct injection range can reach 70 meters. Generally, the price of hydroseeding mulch machine with electric-start diesel engine varies according to tank size and diesel engine power.

Hydroseeding mulch machine with electric-start diesel engine
Advantages of Wode hydroseeding mulch machine with electric-start diesel engine:
1. high outlet pressure: the invention patent “multi-stage pressurized mud pump”, the maximum outlet pressure of domestic original spraying and broadcasting pump is 2.4Mpa, which exceeds the outlet pressure of mud pumps in the same industry by more than 2 times.
2. Long conveying distance: When the solid content exceeds 80% of mud concentration, the direct spraying height is 50 meters, and with the multi-stage pressurized conveying platform, the conveying distance can exceed 300 meters.
3. Customized power: The special power system of the sprayer developed by Gaodetec: a series of special power equipment such as low fuel consumption, low speed, high torque, strong adaptability to plateau, and low maintenance cost. The pow matching degree is high, the pow conversion performance is greatly improved, and the spraying and sowing efficiency is improved.

4. Quality assurance: Standardized assembly line operation is adopted, and the whole machine is guaranteed (except wearing parts).
5. Technical support: slope greening construction: scheme design-equipment procurement-material supply-construction technical guidance-one-stop service for post-maintenance management, providing you with the one-stop overall solution for slope greening construction and ecological environment restoration.
The so-called ecological protection is using ecological plants to protect the soil of mountains or slopes, to prevent soil erosion, desertification or debris flow, and so on. Common trees planted for forest protection include poplars, birch trees, maple trees, etc., because these trees are inexpensive and have certain ornamental value, such as poplars, birch trees, and maple leaves turn red all over the mountains in autumn, so they are more common.

The effect is easier to operate than planting vegetation. The exuberant plants can effectively prevent soil erosion and strengthen the foundation. For example, bermudagrass, tall fescue, pig excrement bean, mountain green bean, ryegrass, Bermuda, and so on are the most commonly used slope protection plants. Their common characteristics are strong tolerance, easy planting and living, low requirement on the environment, and lax requirement on water, and they can be sown for many years in all seasons. Many slopes are difficult to irrigate and water, and can only survive by the weather, which virtually limits the varieties of plants. All the plants listed above are popular, and the most suitable plant combinations can be matched to protect slopes according to different regions.

Wode provides a variety of products of spray seeding models, including slope greening equipment such as large and small power hydroseeding mulch machine with electric-start diesel engines, hydraulic spray seeding machine, grass seed spray seeding machine, guest soil wet spraying machine and other accessories, and provides guest soil spray seeding technology at reasonable prices. Users only need to pay a small amount of fees to meet the needs of temporary use of equipment, and can also enjoy all-around technical support.
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