Hydroseeder slope greening machine

2023-12-07 17:08:56

Hydroseeder slope greening machine is a new green method, the green with grass seeds and insurance agent, a binder, and fertilizers, in the mixing container mixed with water into a gel-like slurry was mixed with a pressure pump to seeding to be broadcast on the land. Because of the mixed slurry containing water retention materials and various nutrients required for plant growth to ensure the water and other nutrients derived substances, and therefore the plant can be healthy and rapid growth. Suitable for large area of green jobs, particularly in the more arid areas of the lack of irrigation facilities.

Wode Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hydroseeder slope greening machine for highway greening in China. Our diesel engine hydroseeders are with different tank capacity which from 1000L to 15000L. We could design the diesel engine hydroseeder slope greening machine according to the soil content, max.spraying distance. Our hydroseeder slope greening machine also could be trailer type, if any question, please feel free to contact with us.

Hydroseeder slope greening machine adopts mechanized ecological engineering greening technology, which covers or improves the topsoil, restores the vegetation and helps the vegetation to carry on the positive succession according to the principle of ecological restoration. This ecological engineering greening technology can change the surface soil structure and composition to promote the formation of vegetation or vegetation before the prevention of soil erosion, but also can make the gravel slope, cutting, steep dykes and other parts of the barren to generate green in a short period of time.

In order to use hydroseeder machine for slope greening, first, the plant seeds to be sprayed into a mixture of a certain percentage of water, fiber cover, adhesives, water retention agent, fertilizer and other materials, and then make them stir evenly in the hydroseeder slope greening machine, mix slurry through the frame guns or hoses are sprayed to the soil to be sown to form a uniform cover with the use of centrifugal pump, and excess water infiltrates the soil surface.
Second, the sprayed fiber and colloid forms a semi-permeable moisturizing surface can greatly reduce water evaporation, which provides seed germination of moisture, nutrients and insulation conditions. At the same time, the fiber colloid and soil surface bonding, so that the seeds are not lost in the case of wind, rainfall, water, etc. In short, soil hydroseeder slope greening machine has a good role in slope protection.

Compared to wet mix shotcrete machine and hydraulic pumping type wet spraying machine, china grass spraying machine has the below advantages, such as:
1. Greatly improves the safety of construction;
2. Easy to move, especially for relatively low slope and dispersion slope;
3. Construction more convenient, machine independent, and easy to use.
Proud of our fast service and technical support, we are always happy to answer your questions and give a quote. For more information about green engineering grass seeds hydroseeder slope greening machine, please email us.


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