Hydro mulcher for sale in Australia

2023-02-17 18:00:23

Hydro mulcher for sale in Australia is a kind of plant greening equipment imported from abroad, which can be used for the road (railroad) road slope greening, mine regreening, desert control, riverbank protection, and large-scale green space conversion. 

Hydro mulcher for sale in Australia is suitable for greening and spraying in places where plants are difficult to grow, such as bedrock, hard soil, sandy soil, poor soil, acidic soil, dry land, and coastal embankments. Currently, Hydro mulcher in Australia is widely used in projects such as highway slope greening, high-speed rail slope greening, mine greening, ecosystem restoration, and desert control.

Advantages of hydro mulcher in Australia:

1.Suitable for rocky slopes with severe terrain conditions

Hydro mulcher in Australia is fixed by galvanized wire mesh (geosynthetic mesh) and steel rods with high tensile strength, which can effectively prevent debris from collapsing and falling off. This method is suitable for rocky slopes with harsh environments such as gravel layers, soft rocks, crushed layers, and hard rocks.

2.Prevent erosion, prevent water and soil loss

Hydro mulcher in Australia is agitated with glue. Adhesive enhances the adhesion effect of the bedrock surface, has excellent corrosion resistance on the construction surface, and suppresses the outflow of water and soil.

3. Ensure rapid formation and ecological stability of plants.

The structure thickness of the hydro mulcher in Australia is usually about 10cm, and the ecological stability of the slope protection plant can meet the plant growth needs. The spraying effect of guest soil spray is about one year later, and the flower seeds of guest soil spray are three-dimensional.

Its effects are: It can reduce the impact of rainwater and improve the rigidity of the building. Spraying flower seed absorption and transport can reduce soil water stress. The plant’s deep roots increase soil cohesion.

4. Barren hills adjacent to highways cause visual fatigue for drivers driving for long hours, and stress cannot be completely eliminated. The plant and grass seeds sprayed by the hydro mulcher in Australia create a layer of green grass to protect the barren hills and people’s visual fatigue.

Wodetec has been producing hydro mulcher for sale for many years, we can provide  3000L 6000L, and 8000L,15000L capacity and also provide customized service. Our hydro mulchers are also available with wheels for easy mobility.


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