Hydro Seed Master Hydroseeder: Professional-Grade Hydroseeding Equipment

2023-06-14 17:59:12

Different materials need to be added in the construction of the hydroseeding equipment, such as soil, water, adhesive, water-retaining agent, compound fertilizer, grass fiber, peat soil, peat soil, rice husk, sawdust, paper pulp, chicken manure, and other materials.

First, you need to add enough water into the tank, generally about two-thirds of the tank can’t be filled. Then, start the stirring device, and add peat soil, adhesive, water-retaining agent, and fertilizer in turn. Adjust the ratio of water to ground according to the viscosity of the materials, including grass fiber, peat soil, rice husk sawdust, paper pulp, and other materials. It is better to obtain materials conveniently at the construction site, and fertilizer chicken manure will be good. If it is not available, add it. Stir the mixture of the above materials for about minutes, and then spray it evenly. Particularly suitable for middle and low slopes and scattered slopes, with convenient construction, complete machine operation, and convenient use.

The overall frame of the hydroseeder is carefully welded with 120 square pipes. The tank body is made of 5mm steel plates, and the critical parts at the bottom of the tank body are reinforced with 20mm thick steel plates to ensure the machine’s overall durability and stable transportation. Thick spray layer, simple construction, greatly improving the safety of construction. Easy to move.


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