High way greening hydroseeding pump machine

2022-10-14 17:38:35

High way greening hydroseeding pump machine is usually a hydroseeding machine with wheels, which is usually used for hydraulic spraying or filling grass on the slope, mainly for hydraulic spraying and planting. In China,hydroseeding pump machine is also called hydraulic pressure sprayer, hydraulic sprayer, its working principle is mainly based on the design thickness, mixing the mixture of organic matter, soil, fertilizer, grass seeds, stabilizer and water retention agent in a certain proportion , And spray evenly on the surface of the project. The structure of the hydroseeding pump machine is relatively simple, mainly composed of Changchai engine, centrifugal pump, clutch, storage tank, stirring device, spray device and so on. Our hydroseeding pump machine for sale has mixing tank volumes of 3000L, 6000L and 8000L, which can be customized according to your requirements.

 High way greening hydroseeding pump machine

The performance characteristics of the hydroseeding pump machine is high efficiency, good structure greening effect, large lifting capacity, one-time molding, many spraying methods, low workload, low cost in all aspects, and simple and quick structure. The hydroseeding pump machine is usually used for the greening of slopes such as roads, railways, lakes, reservoirs and dams. The use effect of the wheel hydraulic planter is very obvious, without subsequent maintenance.

 High way greening hydroseeding pump machine

The features of the high way greening hydroseeding pump machine:

1. The whole frame of the high way greening hydroseeding pump machineadopts welded square pipes, the tank body is folded with steel plate, and the main part of the tank body is thick steel plate to ensure the overall strength and durability of the machine and stable transportation.

2.The special spiral mixing and conveying material structure at the inlet of the pump allows conveying viscous materials and increasing the thickness of the sprayed layer.

3.The high way greening hydroseeding pump machine adopts mechanical stirring and chain transmission, which is convenient to use, high transmission efficiency, convenient maintenance and convenient operation. The spiral blade mechanical mixing and reflux refining mixing are combined to perform three-dimensional mixing, which effectively improves the uniformity of mixing. ;

4.Driven by a diesel engine, low fuel consumption, convenient operation, convenient maintenance, and reduced use and work costs.

5.Equipped with a universal nozzle that can freely rotate 360 ​​degrees, and is equipped with long and short fan-shaped nozzles and conduit valves, which are convenient for replacement according to different working surfaces.

6.The high way greening hydroseeding pump machine adopts a special pressurized multi-stage pump, which can spray viscous substances from the nozzle quickly. The maximum horizontal conveying distance is 80 meters, which can reduce the difficulty of construction, improve efficiency and improve safety. It can be connected to a rubber wear-resistant tube to increase lift and facilitate construction. No maintenance required.

 High way greening hydroseeding pump machine

If you are interested in the high way greening hydroseeding pump machine, we can also provide the hydroseeding pump machine with wheels, please contact us!Email:sales@wodetec.com


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