High quality hydro seeding car machine for sale

2022-08-23 17:25:56

High quality hydro seeding car machine for sale used for slope greening by mixing soil materials, pasture seeds, water retention agents, adhesives, fertilizers, etc. with water in the mixing tank of the seeder and making gel. A high-lift multi-stage pressurized concentrated slurry pump is used to spray the seed slope. Since the mixed slurry contains water-retaining material, adhesive material, and various nutrients, it protects the water sources and nutrients necessary for plant growth, reduces the damage of sprayed materials due to rain erosion, and helps plants thrive.

hydro seeding car machine for sale

High quality hydro seeding car machine is used for spraying and greening, so the spray substrate layer has good water retention, retention, air permeability, and hydrophobic properties, and when it comes to high and steep rocky slopes, which can reduce rain erosion while reducing rainwater erosion. An ecological microcirculatory system can be constructed so that an artificially restored vegetation system can be integrated. Incorporate it into the local natural ecosystem as soon as possible, restore damaged vegetation and surrounding areas as soon as possible, and integrate the natural environment to build a damaged ecological protection system.

hydro seeding car machine for sale

Advantages of hydro seeding car machine for sale:

1.High quality hydro seeding car machine are easy to maintain and can be leveled without watering after application, making them suitable for managing vast barren hills and slopes.

2.High quality hydro seeding car machine can build a high-quality lawn. The soil spreader sprays pre-germinated pasture seeds, shortening pasture seeds’ germination time, and forming a film layer on the surface enabling heat retention and water retention. It can quickly cover the soil surface, purify the air and reduce noise, prevent sprinting, and improve the stability of the roadbed. Plants can compact the soil and absorb water. Improve road conditions and extend road usage time. Flowers and trees on both sides of the road can protect the road itself from wind and rain.

hydro seeding car machine for sale

3.Long conveying distance: When the solid content is over 80% of the mud concentration, the direct injection height is 85meters.

4.High mechanization degree can plant grass in a large area. High quality hydro seeding car machine is a modern and efficient grass planting machine.

5.High quality hydro seeding car machine has wide adaptability and can be used in places where artificial turf is difficult to install. The soil spreader is equipped with a high-pressure spray gun, and the direction can be adjusted arbitrarily.

High quality hydro seeding car machines for sale can plant grass on steep slopes and high slopes that are difficult to construct artificially. More details please contact us! Email:sales@wodetec.com


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