High efficiency squeeze type peristaltic hose pump

2022-04-02 16:55:36

High efficiency squeeze type peristaltic hose pump is a new type of multifunctional industrial pump developed by absorbing foreign advanced technology. High efficiency squeeze type peristaltic hose pump completely eliminates the working method of conventional pump impellers and shaft seals, and has great advantages in transporting media containing high viscosity, high corrosion, and large fluid impurities.

high efficiency squeeze type peristaltic hose pump

The principle of operation of squeeze type peristaltic hose pump is that the hose secured in the pump cavity is compressed by the outer shoe or pressure roller and the medium is pushed out to the outlet. The compressed hose quickly returns to a round shape, which creates a vacuum that sucks more medium into the hose’s internal cavity and transports it over and over again. The medium is completely contained within the hose’s internal cavity, and moving parts (such as slide shoes and pressure rollers) do not come into contact with the hose.

high efficiency squeeze type peristaltic hose pump

The functions of the squeeze type peristaltic hose pump are as follows.

  1. The valve does not work and the flow path is wide. Suitable for pumping viscous granular slurry.
  2. Quantitative pumping, no backflow, stable flow.
  3. The flow rate can be easily adjusted and can be used as a weighing pump by selecting the appropriate external parts.
  4. Pumped mud only contacts the extruded hose. Different hose materials can be used to adapt to different slurries.
  5. The entrance and exit can be switched freely. If it is clogged with foreign matter, you can turn it over and remove it.

The high efficiency squeeze type peristaltic hose pump on the market can be used in the following areas:

  1. Gold Smelting: Transporting Gold Slurry
  2. Acids, alkalis, phosphates, titanium dioxide phosphates, titanium dioxide (metal titanates) slurry, crystal liquids, suspensions, latexes, resins, sludges, and various liquids in the chemical industry.
  3. Transportation of drilling mud, crude oil, organic solvents and fuel oil (gasoline, kerosene, etc.) in the petroleum industry.
  4. Transportation of sludge, lime slurry, additive chemicals, sampling water and sediment after water treatment.

high efficiency squeeze type peristaltic hose pump

  1. Gold mine filler, iron oxide scale, flue sludge treatment, groundwater discharge, adsorbent, mortar and mortar, other mining and metallurgical industries.
  2. Chemical transport in the pharmaceutical industry.

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