Foam concrete peristaltic hose pump for sale

2022-02-23 17:49:00

Treating landfill leachate using traditional physicochemical or biological methods is not only ineffective and difficult to meet, but also has problems such as large footprint and long construction time. I have. Adopting MBR processes including nanofiltration and reverse osmosis for processing has various problems such as high investment, complicated process, high operating cost and secondary pollution caused by the processed concentrated solution.

Foam concrete peristaltic hose pump for sale

In general, household waste contains various organic and inorganic wastes, and the high concentration of organic wastewater generated by the accumulation and fermentation of household waste must be removed before entering the incinerator. The water in the waste is collected in the landfill leachate collection pool, and the collected leachate is settled by the landfill leachate sedimentation pool, initially precipitating relatively large particles of solids. Peristaltic pumps for treating landfill leachate are used to transport leachate to a filter and filter solid particles that cannot settle. The filtered leachate is pumped into a clear liquid pool, and finally the solid particle-free landfill leachate is sprayed into the incinerator and burned through the spray nozzle via the peristaltic pump.

Foam concrete peristaltic hose pump for sale

Peristaltic hose pump for sale began in the middle of the last century. After decades of development, it has gradually evolved from low pressure peristaltic pumps in the laboratory to high pressure peristaltic pumps applied in the industrial field. Flow rates also range from milliliters per hour to tens of cubic meters per hour. It is also known and loved by more and more customers.

Foam concrete peristaltic hose pump for sale

Customers have positively commented on the application of peristaltic hose pump for sale to the treatment of landfill leachate. They believe that peristaltic pumps for treating landfill leachate are more suitable for use than other positive displacement pumps.

Foam concrete peristaltic hose pump for sale

Foam concrete peristaltic hose pump for sale has the following advantages:

(1) Parts with few vulnerabilities, low failure rate, and easy maintenance. From an economic point of view, the only component to replace is the hose, which significantly reduces customer usage and maintenance costs.

(2) Can be dried. This is also a feature of peristaltic pumps for treating landfill leachate and does not damage the pump itself without moderate suction at the inlet end. This is especially suitable when needed, as there is no staff to take care of it. Of that on the site.

(3) A medium with a high solid content and high wear resistance can be transported. For up to 80% solids that can be pumped by a peristaltic pump to treat landfill leachate, the viscosity can be up to 50000 cps. These are fine for highly abrasive particles in landfill leachate.

(4) High self-suction power. Compared to other types of positive displacement pumps, the theoretical self-priming height can reach 9.5m. Normally, the leachate is in a storage tank, so a pump with high self-suction is required to suck up the leachate and send it to a filter or incinerator.

(5) After installing the variable frequency motor, the operating frequency of the motor can be easily adjusted according to the actual amount of landfill leachate processed, and a linear change in the flow rate can be realized. Therefore, the entire landfill leachate re-spray system is easy to operate and highly automated.

(6) Easy to clean the inside of the pump cavity. If transportation is not required, you can open the bypass pipes at the inlet and outlet ends to clean the hose and extend the service life of the hose.

Foam concrete peristaltic hose pump for sale

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