Factory price grout mixer and agitator for cement mixing

2023-02-23 17:52:49

Factory price grout mixer and agitator for cement mixing is specialized grout equipment developed for low water binder ratio grout materials. Factory price grout mixer and agitator are mainly used for the construction of hydropower, railways, highways, construction, mining, and other industries. Cement and water can be quickly slurried after grout or grout is mixed. Compared with ordinary paddle mixers, it has the characteristics of high pulping efficiency, easy operation, uniform slurry, and short-distance conveying capability.

Factory price grout mixers and agitators for cement mixing are effective methods of mixing cement-based grouts and other materials in the construction industry, producing highly stable mixes that resist moisture loss and contamination. The grout mixer and agitator for cement mixing quickly and efficiently mix different types of grout, including cement, bentonite, and sand, which are widely used in civil engineering.

The grout mixer and agitator for cement mixing can be used with a mixer or by itself. There are grout mixers and mixers with different displacements. Power drives are mainly divided into electric and diesel. Of course, we can also customize it according to your needs.The grout mixer and agitator for cement mixing are designed to be used in conjunction with traditional paddle mixers and pumps.

Working Principle: A motor drives a high speed turbo pump. Slurry is sucked into the vortex from below and discharged from the top of the cylinder, creating a high velocity liquid stream. A strong vortex is formed inside the machine barrel, and the dry powder and water are thoroughly and evenly mixed, achieving the purpose of preparing a slurry with a low water-to-binder ratio.

The grout mixer and agitator for cement mixing is a combination of mixer and mixer, specially designed for continuous mixing and grouting of cement in ground/underground operations.This system is designed to provide continuous mixing operation. It consists of a cylindrical mixing tank made of steel plate, a heavy-duty slurry pump and a mixing tank mounted on a solid foundation.

Water, cement, and bentonite are mixed with a high-speed vortex using a dedicated pump. After the mixing process is complete, transfer the mixture to your blender.

A slow stirring paddle keeps the grout from settling out of suspension and removes any air bubbles in the mixture. A butterfly valve switches between the mixer and the agitator.

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