Best choice hand operated cement grouting pump

2022-02-21 17:12:19

Best choice hand operated cement grouting pump are versatile and can be used to inject various low viscosity fluid slurries such as pure cement slurries and chemical slurries. The hand operated cement grouting pump can solve grout mainly in special places where power is inconvenient, such as explosion-proof places, tunnels, mines, and highways. The performance of manual grout pumps on the market is stable and reliable. The hand operated cement grouting pump design and construction is simple and easy to use, and easy to clean and maintain.

Best choice hand operated cement grouting pump

The hand operated cement grouting pump has the following features:

  1. No need for electricity, small size, light weight, easy to move
  2. Simple structure, durability, simple maintenance
  3. Manual operation, high pressure, grout injection speed and flow rate can be controlled arbitrarily.

Best choice hand operated cement grouting pump

The following points should be noted when selling hand operated cement grouting pump:

  1. Before selling the manual grout pump, apply an appropriate amount of grease to the living hinge of the rocker and shake the handle at a constant speed to use the handle flexibly and prevent corrosion.
  2. If you find that the fasteners are loose during use, tighten them properly in time.
  3. To prevent damage to the parts, use force when swinging the handle.
  4. The joints of the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe are firmly connected to the pump body after being fixed with wire clamps. If the suction performance is poor, take the following measures.

(1) Check the tightness of the feed end joint.

 (2) Check if the feed pipe is damaged or leaked.

 (3) Check if there is any material in the barrel.

 (4) Make sure that the exit is not loose and is not blocked by debris.

If a discharge failure is found, take the following measures.Check if the discharge pipe is clogged.

Best choice hand operated cement grouting pump

(2) Check if the discharge valve is open.

  1. When injecting grout, arrange the grout so that it does not block the drain pipe. Otherwise, it will directly affect the operation of the grout pump.
  2. Please note that the mud must not contain sand so as not to affect the useful life of the machine.
  3. When using outdoors in winter, if the temperature is below zero, please note the following points.

(1) Make sure that the usage time is not too long. (2) The prepared cement slurry must be filled immediately.

Best choice hand operated cement grouting pump

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