3000L solid hydroseeding mulch pump machine

2023-02-06 17:42:41

The solid hydroseeding mulch pump machine, also known as the hydroseeding machine, uses the liquid principle, also called sowing, to fill sprouted seeds with specific proportions of water, fiber mulch, binders, and binders. container. container. Fertilization is done with a centrifugal pump that hoses the mixture into the seeding soil to create a uniform mulch. So what are the characteristics of a hydroseeding mulch pump machine? Today 3000L solid hydroseeding mulch pump machine presents the performance characteristics of hydroseeding.

3000L solid hydroseeding mulch pump machine

1.3000L solid hydroseeding mulch pump machine is especially suitable for covering 3D mesh and can be formed in one go. On the construction site, according to the site conditions, add the right amount of soil to reduce the amount of paper fiber and wood fiber, greatly reduce the construction cost, speed up the construction, and improve the germination rate of grass and Seeds that can effectively increase viability.

2. Full hydraulic engine is driven by a dual diesel engine, agitation, and power are separated, with a higher head and faster efficiency. It can be used not only for large-area greening such as road slopes, railway slopes, and reservoir dams but also for spraying on rice fields, lawns, flowers, seeds of agricultural crops, etc. Daily care and soil improvement, including irrigation, fertilization, and pesticide application.

3000L solid hydroseeding mulch pump machine

3. The hydroseeding mulch pump machine operation is safe and easy. The machine’s non-slip platform is equipped with a fully functional control panel, and the 80 cm high fence can be loaded and unloaded as needed, ensuring the safety of operators, gunners, and other staff simply It also allows temporary stacking of goods on the workbench.

4. The tank adopts paddle mechanical agitation and circulation jet agitation so that the material is completely suspended and uniform during the agitation and spraying, and the mixed raw materials are evenly sprayed once.

3000L solid hydroseeding mulch pump machine

In order to ensure the quality of the slope greening project and the subsequent greening effect, there are a series of precautions before and after watering. Today we will cover:

1.Anchors, grouts, and nets are required to prevent landslides. Spread 3 to 5 sheets of planting soil on the slope.

2.The slope should be leveled and the uneven areas should be roughened so that the thickness of the planting substrate is uniform.

3.Finally, evenly mix the planting soil, pulp or wood fiber, water retention agent, adhesive, and grass seed, and spread it on the slope in a thickness of about 0.5 to 25px. In this way, the grass seeds and ingredients are evenly mixed and moistened. Promotes germination of grass seeds. If the temperature is high on sunny slopes, increase the number of seeds or water retention agents to keep it moist.

3000L solid hydroseeding mulch pump machine

4.The manufacturer reminds us that we need to hang a horizontal wooden pole because the slope is too large.

5.Maintenance: If there is no rain after spraying, water frequently and keep the soil moist.

6.After spraying and sowing grass seeds, the water will evaporate too much and be washed away by rain and can be covered with non-woven fabric to avoid direct sunlight.

7.Prevention and Control of Pests and Diseases: Observe the growth of vegetation on the slopes regularly and focus on the prevention and control of pests. Spray as soon as it appears.

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