1000kg refractory mixer castable pan machine for sale

2023-05-10 18:02:26

During the refractory material mixing process, the action of the 1000kg refractory mixer castable pan machine for sale destroys the particle composition of the material. The order in which the refractories are added also affects the mixing effect, and uneven mixing may occur. 1000kg refractory mixer castable pan machine for sale can avoid this situation. Also, the unique paddle agitator of the refractory mixer castable pan machine for sale can mix refractory materials quickly and evenly.

Wodetec is a professional manufacturer of refractory mixer castable pan machines for sale and related equipment. The hot sale of refractory mixer is 1000kg refractory mixer. The price of a 1000kg refractory mixer is relatively cheap, but the quality is also good.

1000kg refractory mixer castable pan machine is made of highly wear-resistant and wear-resistant materials. Uniquely designed blades enable high speed and uniform mixing. The refractory mixer is equipped with a motor soft protection device, which can effectively buffer damage when the machine starts. The 1000kg refractory mixer castable pan machine also has batch and continuous mixing tanks, where the conveyed materials are processed with state-of-the-art technology. The fresh material walls and bottom inside the mixing box can effectively prevent accumulation on the inner wall and bottom of the mixing box.

In order for the 1000kg refractory mixer castable pan machine to perform at its best and make the most of the mixer’s capabilities, the correct procedures must be followed to operate the mixer during use. Please pay attention to the following points when using the 200kg refractory mixer.

1. Mixing should be strictly controlled. Aggregates exceeding the maximum size should not enter the pot. Too large a size will not only cause uneven stirring but also damage the mixing box.
2. Stirrer Blade: Do not modify in any way as the special shape and material will increase the wear life. Also, check daily that the blades are bolted down and that the disc rim and base wear plate are intact. It should be replaced before it deforms due to excessive wear. In no case should the maximum batch carrying load be exceeded.
3. Use a of1000kg refractory mixer castable pan machine: It is forbidden to stop and restart the mixer when there is a mixture in the pot. After the mixing process is finished, the stirred material in the pot should be completely drained. After each stirring, the stirring plate, stirring blade, discharge trough, discharge gate, and valve seat should be cleaned to prevent the refractory material from condensing and affecting the working efficiency of the 200kg refractory mixer.

When using a refractory mixer castable pan machine, it is more important to receive preschool training and acquire certain operating techniques so that the safety of the operator can be ensured and the performance of the kneader can be maximized. . We also have refractory mixers with mixing capacity of 100KG, 500KG and 250KG. If you are interested in the machine, please leave your contact information.


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