The unique advantages of the WRM series of refractory mixers

September 27, 2018


The refractory stirring is mainly composed of a mixing drum, a stirring blade and the like. The transmission is a system that transmits forces and speeds to the various working mechanisms of the mixer. Generally, there are two types of mechanical transmission systems consisting of transmission elements such as strips, friction wheels, gears, sprockets and shafts, and hydraulic transmission systems composed of hydraulic components. The feeding mechanism is a facility for loading refractory materials into the mixer, and generally has three forms of hoisting lift hopper, fixed hopper and flip hopper. The function of the water distribution system is to supply the stirring water quantitatively according to the mixing ratio of the refractory mixture. The discharge mechanism is a device that discharges the mixed homogeneous refractory material from the mixer drum.

Advantages of Zhengzhou wode Refractory Mixer:

1. The reinforced gear box designed separately according to the high-strength working condition has more reliable performance and longer service life. The refractory mixer reducer is independently developed according to the actual situation and has a long service life.

2. The reasonable mixing structure design of the refractory mixer makes the mixing more complete and the energy consumption is lower.

3, special mixing tool design, to meet the uniform mixing of various materials, and the special wear-resistant coating treatment of the refractory mixer, providing its reliability

4, fewer parts and components are easy to operate and maintain

5, mixing speed and homogeneity; compact structure, comfortable placement height, easy to move, bag circuit breaker, water spray nozzle

The WRM series of refractory disc mixers are designed for mixing refractory materials, castables, etc., and can be used in fixed or practical mobile designs with top performance. WRM100 and WRM250 refractory pot mixers are equipped with walking wheels for easy movement at the job site, and forklift holes are installed in the frame. The bottom and inner walls of the agitator have high wear-resistant steel bushings. Five different mixing arms allow the refractory to be evenly mixed for void adhesion.

Not only that, the refractory mixer produced by Zhengzhou wode has a unique design in terms of safety. If the top door is opened between operations, the machine can automatically stop. Due to the limited position switch between the top door and the hopper, once the top cover is opened, the power supply will be automatically cut off to confirm the operator's safety.

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