Mine wet shotcrete machines with dosing pump

March 18, 2020

For mine wet shotcrete machines with dosing pump, the process is different from dry shotcrete machines. Dry spraying machine is used to dry spray dry materials, sand, cement, stone, and add water to the nozzle. Water and dry matter are even mixed in the nozzle and sprayed onto the work surface. Mine wet shotcrete machines with dosing pump is used to spray pre-wet concrete, adding accelerator to the nozzle instead of water. Mine wet shotcrete machines with dosing pump is in the thin flow process, there are two compressed air from the air compressor, one from the compressed air blown out of the rotor from the cyclone, and the other from the compressed air blow Feed material into the nozzle.

wet mix shotcrete machine


Rotor type wet shotcrete machine

Mine wet shotcrete machines with dosing pump is a new type of wet shotcrete machines produced by Wodetec shotcrete manufacturer. Mine wet shotcrete machines with dosing pump is used in tunnels, mines, subways and other indoor projects. Compared with the dry spray process, the wet spray process strength Higher, for more important projects, spray paint works better. Compared with dry shotcrete machines, Wet shotcrete machines have some outstanding concerns. The unique hopper design is conducive to exhaust and achieve the best spraying effect. The position selection of the four-point spring compression device makes the rotor steel plate and rubber seal plate easy to compress and avoid material leakage. Low resilience, low dust during spraying, more uniform spraying, and safety for workers, so it is the first choice for indoor spraying projects.

Wet mix shotcrete hopper

Mine wet shotcrete machines with dosing pump is a set of dosing pump integrated in the mine wet shotcrete machines rack, which is used to accelerate the pumping during the wet spraying process. During the wet spraying process, the wet materials have strong fluidity. In order to accelerate the coagulation of the materials, it is important to add an appropriate amount of accelerator. No matter which type of wet sprayer is used, it is necessary to use an accelerator to improve the curing speed of the concrete.

wet shotcrete machines with dosing pump

In our experience, Wet shotcrete machines are used for important concrete spraying projects, such as hydraulic engineering, tunnel engineering, mining engineering, etc. Given that some customers do not have easy access to electricity at the job site, we have air motors and diesel-powered wet shotcrete machines to choose from. If you have a project that requires wet shotcrete machines, please let us know and we can provide the right wet shotcrete machine for your project. For more detailed product information, please visit the following websites:



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