Shotcrete Machine on Small Tunnel

April 22, 2020

Shotcrete machine on small tunnel is to use compressed air to transport concrete mixture or similar loose materials with a certain ratio through the pipeline and control the water mixing at the port. After high speed, it is sprayed onto the spray surface to solidify and harden, thus forming a certain strength Protective layer of material. Shotcrete machine on small tunnel is usually a wet shotcrete machine, widely used in indoor projects, such as mines, tunnels, subways and other projects. Compared with dry-mixing spraying machines, wet-mixing spraying machines are mostly used for more important projects, with less dust, low rebound rate and high spraying strength.

Shotcrete machine on small tunnel


shotcrete machine used for tunnel

What are the operating procedures for Shotcrete machine on small tunnel? How to operate shotcrete machine on small tunnel safely? The following is the WEC shotcrete machine on small tunnel operating procedures and precautions, I hope to help you.

1. First, check the amount of grease in the shotcrete machine on small tunnel box, add it in time, use a grease gun to fill the switch cylinder joint with butter, turn on the shotcrete machine on small tunnel, and observe whether the rotation direction of the motor and the rotation direction of the oil pump mark Consistent, if not consistent, shut down immediately, as long as the two-phase power supply of the total power supply can be exchanged arbitrarily. Open the water tank cover, fill the water tank with fresh water or at least submerge the piston rod. The waterless movement will quickly damage the shaft seal and the concrete cylinder piston.

2. Fill the hopper with a 1: 1 mixed slurry of cement and water or clean water, pump the lubricated transmission pipeline, before adding normal material, open the discharge port, release the remaining clean water or mud in the hopper, and open the air supply valve. Add normal materials and start spraying.

hopper of shotcrete machine

3. Shotcrete machine on small tunnel after the spraying operation is completed, the hopper is filled with clean water, the pipeline and the residual mortar in the hopper are cleaned, the conveying pipe is removed, the spray head is manually rinsed with clean water, and dried after drying.

4. Check whether the conveying pipe and the mixing pipe are cleaned, and blow it out for use, insert the cleaning ball into the discharge port, suck in the reverse pump, extrude the positive pump, and clean the inside of the S pipe.

5. For the cleaning of the additive pump and the additive tube, first insert the suction tube into the clear water, rinse it with water, and after the clear water is opened, open the air supply valve, blow it clean and set aside.

6. After the oil pump stops, rotate the left and right cylinder jog buttons to release the accumulator pressure to zero.

7. After cleaning the shotcrete machine on small tunnel, shut down.


Shotcrete machine on small tunnel operation notes

1. Start the shotcrete machine on small tunnel for dry operation. If the temperature is low, the dry operation time should be longer. The temperature of the hydraulic oil must be raised to 15 degrees Celsius before it can be pumped.

2. In the process of spraying concrete, we must pay strict attention to the actual mixing quality and slump of the concrete. If the mixed concrete does not meet the pumping requirements, it must be removed.

3. The hopper net should not be filled with concrete, and the oversize aggregates and debris on the net should be removed in time. The concrete in the hopper should not be too small to prevent the pipeline from being blocked due to suction, when the supply cannot keep up Time, stop in time.

4. When the operation of sprayed concrete must be interrupted for a long time, the mixing work in the hopper should be stopped, otherwise the coarse aggregate in the concrete will sink. When pumping again, it should be mixed first. It will return to normal after the trip.

5. In the shotcrete machine on small tunnel shotcrete process, the pressure and lubrication of each instrument on the pump machine should be constantly observed. If any abnormality occurs, it should be eliminated in time to ensure that the shotcrete operation is carried out normally.

tunnel shotcrete machine

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