Shotcrete machine for doing concrete slope

August 07, 2020
Shotcrete  machine for doing concrete slope
Wodetec is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development, production, sales and provision of construction and engineering equipment services. Yu has the most advanced imported production equipment and complete production technology. Wodetec has several independent intellectual property rights. Based on continuous technological innovation, the design capabilities of concrete pumps, hose pumps, grouting pumps / stations, shotcrete machines, bionic shotcrete systems, refractory mixing and spray gun machines, and foam concrete machines have reached international standards. Has been recognized and trusted by customers.
shotcrete machine for concrete slope
The shotcrete machine for doing concrete slope manufactured by Wodetec have been successfulconveying concrete, refractory, cement slurry, bentonite slurry, mortar, pulp, mud, glaze slurry and other harsh media. Wodetec is a recognition enterprise by the well-known company all over the world.
shotcrete machine for slope
Shotcrete machine for slope mainly consists of rotor type concrete jet machine, cement slurry mixer, squeeze type cement slurry pump, electrical control box, discharge elbow, gas path system, mixing device, spray gun, rack and other parts.
1. Jet machine: It is mainly composed of hopper, mixing device, discharge elbow, gas path system, rotor, reducer and other parts. The motor drives the rotor to rotate through the reducer. Load the agitated material into the rotor, and send it out of the discharge elbow by the gas pipeline in the gas system, and then the assistant of the auxiliary air inlet pipeline in the air system will pass the mixture through the feed pipe, Spray head, spray to the surface to be sprayed.
2. Cement slurry mixer: It is mainly composed of electric motor, gearbox, water tank, upper mixing bucket, lower mixing bucket, water tank control valve, and discharge valve of upper mixing bucket. The cement slurry mixer is a double barrel type. The upper barrel is first stirred well, then placed in the lower barrel for preparation, and after the upper barrel is well stirred, then the mud pump is started, so that the work can be carried out continuously.
3. Extrusion type slurry pump: It is mainly composed of motor, gearbox, pump casing, eccentric wheel frame, rubber hose, pipe joint, etc. The pump is a positive displacement pump, which does not require irrigation and diversion, and has strong self-priming ability.
4. Mixing device: This mixing device is composed of left and right spiral stirring assembly and mud input device. Connected to the spiral stirring assembly are the conveying pipe and the spray gun.
slope stabilization using shotcrete machine
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Shotcrete  machine for doing concrete slope

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