Steel Plant used Refractory Gunning Machine

March 24, 2020

Steel plant used refractory gunning machine is a new type of spraying machine designed by Wodetec specially for steel plant. The working principle of Steel plant used refractory gunning machine is to add refractory materials into the vibration hopper and enter the rotor through the screen. The straight-through material cavity is rotated with the rotor to the outlet, where the compressed air introduced by the upwind is blown into the cyclone, and then another compressed air is introduced by the cyclone, which blows the material in a multi-head spiral state It diffuses, accelerates, and makes it rotate and float, enters the feeding pipe, and when mixed with water, sprays the sprayed surface when it reaches the nozzle.

refractory castable materials gunning machine


refractory gunning machine for sale

Compared with traditional dry-mix shotcrete machines, the steel plant used refractory gunning machine is specially designed for spraying refractory materials by steel plant. It is equipped with ABB inverter, high-pressure pump, new pre-damped nozzle assembly and so on. The ABB driver is used to control the speed of the rotor and adjust the output power from 1m3 / h to 3m3 / h. The steel plant used refractory gunning machine is also equipped with a high-pressure water pump, which can provide atomized high-pressure water to mix water and materials, and use compressed air to transport refractory materials or similar loose materials through pipes and control the addition of water at the port to spray at high speed The sprayed surface condenses and hardens to form a protective layer of material with a certain strength. It has the characteristics of advanced technology, reasonable structure, stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, and long service life. It is widely applicable to the surface fireproof material spraying construction of high temperature resistant facilities such as blast furnaces and ladles.

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refractory gunning machine for steel plant

Steel plant used refractory gunning machine is mainly composed of drive unit, rotor assembly, air system, spray system and electrical control box.

Driving device: The fully enclosed oil-immersed reducer is installed at the bottom of the machine and is driven by a three-stage gear with a transmission efficiency of about 92%. The motor is mounted vertically on the reducer, parallel to the rotor shaft.

Rotor assembly: This machine adopts a unique straight-through anti-adhesive rotor. Each round hole is lined with a plastic cavity made of non-adhesive materials, thereby improving the machine's ability to handle spraying materials, reducing cleaning Maintenance workload.

Air path system: Three spherical valves are used to control the main air path and the upwind path to the rotor and the downwind path to the cyclone. Another small air pipe is used to supply the air to the hopper vibrator. There is also a pressure gauge in the downwind path to monitor the working pressure of the feeding pipe.

Spraying system: This system is composed of a feeding hose and a secondary humidification micro-control nozzle assembly. The conveying pipe is made of wear-resistant rubber hose. The nozzle uses the principle of a double-spherical mixed flow cavity, which can more fully mix the spray coating and admixture under sufficient air flow. The water pipe, water ring and water valve are fixed on the nozzle.

Electrical control: frequency conversion motor, frequency converter control, external frequency conversion adjustment knob, professional well-known electrical control, dust-proof box.

Steel plant used refractory gunning machine

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