Pan mixer for refractory castable

May 25, 2021

The pan mixer for refractory castable is a type of forced mixer. Wodetec has developed a new pan mixer for refractory castable based on the traditional refractory pan mixer after many years of practical experience. The pan mixer for refractory castable is characterized by high transmission efficiency, a strong structure, a long service life, and a low failure rate.The pan mixer for refractory castable is widely used for mixing and mixing wet and dry materials in steel mills, refractory material plants, new building material plants and more. The principle of operation of pan mixer for refractory castable is that by pressing the start button of the power distribution cabinet, the castable mixer is connected to the power supply, and the motor drives the mixing arm to make the cycloid reducer move in a circular motion. After normal operation, add the ingredients to the mixing drum and rotate the ingredients up, down, left and right while stirring the mixing excavator to achieve uniform mixing and mixing. The refractory pan mixer is safe and easy to operate, preventing operation accidents.

 Pan mixer for refractory castable


The pan mixer for refractory castable can mix plastic concrete, mortar, slag, paints, castables, silicate products and more. The pan mixer for refractory castable features large mixing capacity, uniform mixing, fast, fast and clean discharge, convenient use and easy maintenance. If equipped with other characteristics and current protectors, it will not damage the motor.

It is worth paying special attention to:

1. While replacing the scraper, be sure to turn off the power and put up a sign that prohibits starting. It's best for someone to keep the power.

2. Staff should change the reducer oil on a regular basis and grease the motor bearings. To extend the useful life of the machine.

 Pan mixer for refractory castable

Instruction manual for pan mixer for refractory castable:

1. Preparation before the start: There are no debris on the mixing drum, the bolts on each part are loose or missing, the reducer oil is sufficient, the scraper is not loose, the angle is correct, and the power is high. Check if it is correct. Supply and wire leaks etc.

2. Power on: Clear all materials on the disc, make sure the disc is empty, then turn on the power. Start the machine, listen for any noise, adhere to the rules and add materials.

3. Shutdown: When the pot ingredients are finished, stop the machine and clean the rest of the pot ingredients. The pan mixer for refractory castable is equipped with remote control commands or manual operation, which makes it safe to use, convenient and easy to operate.

Pan mixer for refractory castable

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