Mixing refractory cement with perlite machine

January 12, 2021

There are much more outstanding features mixing refractory cement with perlite machine than common concrete mixer, Both the mixing speed and homogeneity are very high. Internal lining boards attached to prevent mixing material abrasion on drum, replaceable high wear resistance liners could continue to be used, low maintenance cost and long service life. Combine mixing, electric and water into and organic whole, thoroughly implement of small automatic mixing refractory cement with perlite machine. The bag breaker device is optional part, the feeding height is comfortable, easy to use for operator. The design is simple and easy with compact structure, internal cleaning is simple equipped with high pressure water washer, convenient and easy to move. Three water lines could provide water from different direction, ensure that mix even materials and water. mixing refractory cement with perlite machine is equipped with top safety cover.

 Mixing refractory cement with perlite machine

As mixing refractory cement machine manufacturer from China, we can provide different mixing capacity mixer for customers. High quality mixing refractory cement machine is very suitable for mixing castable, refractory materials in steel plant, usually mixing refractory machine work together with wet refractory spraying machine. For WRM800 mixing refractory cement with perlite machine, we add ladder, operating platform, high pressure water washer device in mixing refractory cement with perlite machine. On the other hand, considering that WRM800 mixing refractory cement with perlite machine mixing capacity could be up to 800kg/batch, need larger power motor, in order to protect electric motor in case of overloading, we add soft start device tripping device for WRM800 and WRM500 pan mixers. More detailed project information, please check our company product website.

mixing refractory cement with perlite machine

In foreign, we have exported our mixing refractory cement with perlite machine to many countries and received better feedback from customers, such as Qatar, Mexico, UAE, Egypt etc. In China, we sell our pan mixer to some famous steel factory, like Baogang, Angang, Shougang etc.


1. Before installing the host, carefully check whether the mixing refractory machine is damaged during transportation.

2. Before testing the mixing refractory machine, check whether the reducer is filled with lubricating oil, and whether there is foreign matter in the mixing barrel, which affects the rotation of the mixing shovel.

3. Start the mixer and check whether there is any problem with the rotation of the mixer. If the problem is found, stop the main engine and cut off the power supply.

4. Start the mixing refractory machine. After the main engine is running normally, add the materials to be mixed into the mixing drum. Under the stirring of the mixing shovel, the materials will be turned up and down and left and right. At the same time, add an appropriate amount of water. Out of the mouth, one mixing cycle is completed.

5. Regularly check and repair the main engine and add lubricating oil to extend the service life of the main engine.

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