Grass seeds hydro seeder with soil

February 06, 2021

The grass seeds hydro seeder with soil are widely used in the greening slope protection project at present. During the slope greening maintenance project, irrigation is required to ensure that the grass is in good growing condition. Special grass seeds techniques (such as drip irrigation, infiltration irrigation, water injection root irrigation) that conserve water resources, increase survival rate and promote the growth of herbaceous and shrubby plants. 

grass seeds hydro seeder with soil

Hydroseeding is a process that uses a special pump to spread a carefully selected mixture of seed, fertilizer, soil and water in a single application. The grass seeds hydro seeder with soil is given the best possible opportunity to sprout and grow because the added mulch fibers retain water to keep the seed moist, prevent wind and soil erosion, and maintain a constant soil temperature.

grass seeds hydro seeder with soil

The advantages of our company's grass seeds hydro seeder :

1.The hydro seeder with soil is driven with a diesel engine, mixing and output power separately, high lifting capacity, high efficiency and speed, can be used for green sowing in highway slope, railway slope, area of reservoirs sloping dike embankments and also used for spraying and planting paddy fields, lawns, trees, flower seeds and other crop seeds, and also be used for irrigation, fertilization, pesticide spraying and other daily maintenance work and soil improvement.

2.The soil can be added to the hydraulic seeder with the grass seeds hydro seeder in the construction site, the soil can be added, the paper fiber, the consumption of wood fiber can be reduced according to the conditions of the construction site, which reduces the cost of construction, accelerates construction speed and improves grass germination and survival rates;

grass seeds hydro seeder with soil

3.According to the actual construction, diesel power can be replaced by engine power and can add wheel installation, which not only reduces the cost of using the machine and makes it move easily, but also makes handling easier by adding the gantry crane installation according to customer requirements.

4.Simple and safe operation, equipped with fully functional operation panel on the hydraulic grass seed drill with anti-slip platform for soil, 80cm high fence can be installed and uninstalled according to your needs, so it not only guarantees the safety of console, weapons operator and other personnel, but can also temporarily accumulate goods on the table.

5.For the tank body, using the double stirring mechanical stirring of the blade and stirring the cycle jet, allowing the material in a uniform state suspended in the stirring and seeding process, it is possible to eject the mixed raw material into uniform way once.

6.The grass seeds hydro seeder with soil is equipped with universal direct seeding systems and lead pipe systems, allowing customers to adopt different seeding methods depending on the construction site, improving efficiency, reducing manpower according to to the demands of a variety of different spraying methods.

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