Hydraulic grouting pump knowledge

November 01, 2018

The hydraulic grouting pump is composed of an electric motor, a gear oil pump, a relief valve, a hydraulic reversing valve block, a cylinder, a working cylinder, a mixer, a fuel tank, a radiator, an oil filter, an inlet and outlet valve, and the like. The motor directly drives the gear oil pump, and the high-pressure oil outputted by the gear oil pump enters the hydraulic reversing valve block through the overflow valve, and the hydraulic reversing valve block controls the cylinder to reciprocate, because the cylinder and the working cylinder are synchronously moved, and because of the working cylinder The cylinder stroke is the same as the cylinder, so the displacement and pressure of the cylinder are basically close to the cylinder. There are a set of suction valve and slurry valve at both ends of the cylinder, which can suck and discharge the same slurry, or separately. Slurry.

The most prominent representative of the hydraulic grouting pump is the hydraulic two-fluid grouting pump. The following article will introduce the relevant operating precautions and maintenance matters.

Hydraulic two-liquid grouting pump safety operation precautions

1. The two-liquid grouting pump should be placed in a horizontal position as far as possible to avoid twisting and discounting of the oil pipe and the suction pipe. The suction pipe should be shortened as much as possible, and the vertical distance should not exceed one meter.

2. Regularly check the fuel tank net and oil filter screen, and clean it. Regularly change the hydraulic oil. It is recommended to change the hydraulic oil once a month or so. (No. 68 hydraulic oil is used in summer, No. 46 hydraulic oil is used in winter, and hydraulic oil is changed every time. About kilograms).

3. The grouting pump construction site should have sufficient water source to facilitate grouting operations.

4. Regularly check each hydraulic joint and do not loosen it.

5. Construction operators must have certain grouting experience to ensure smooth construction.

6, the electric control box, motor and electrical appliances should be kept clean and dry, and often check the wires of the above components must not be damaged to prevent leakage.

7. Do not have large bumps when carrying the grouting pump. Do not hit the parts at will.

Hydraulic two-liquid grouting pump maintenance method

If the grouting pump is not in use recently, the inlet and outlet valve bodies and working cylinders should be disassembled, cleaned, brushed with anti-rust liquid or grease, and assembled for use. Disassembly method: 1、Remove the inlet and outlet valve body, 2、Remove the two nuts on the end screw of the working cylinder, remove the cylinder head and the cylinder tube, and do not damage the seals when disassembling.

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