Grouting equipment for sale in Saudi Arabia

December 11, 2020

The grouting equipment for sale in Saudi Arabia consists of an agitator, a mixer and a grouting pump. When cement, water or other materials want to be mixed into the pulping machine, the pulping machine eddy pulping, will quickly make evenly mixed slurry, and then evenly mixed slurry will be stored in the mixing tank, the grouting pump will suck slurry from the mixing tank, so as to achieve the operation of grouting and grouting. 

grouting equipment for sale in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia grouting equipment for sale has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high efficiency and compact structure. We can adjust the pressure of the grouting pump during the grouting process, which can reduce unnecessary losses. Grouting method is mainly to inject slurry into the rock or soil to increase the affordability of the construction area. The grouting pump station is used for grouting in mines, tunnels, construction Bridges and other projects to plug water fill gaps and increase bearing capacity. 

grouting equipment for sale in Saudi Arabia

When we use the grouting equipment for sale, we need to pay attention to the following problems:

1. When we use the grouting pump, we should pay attention to the grouting pump suction and discharge situation, if not suction, you can check whether it is because of the slurry pipe leakage or connection leakage and other reasons. After the completion of the operation of the grouting pump, to clean up the grouting pump, to avoid the sediment of mud, affect the next use.

2. Pulping machine in slurry mixing, should pay attention to the order of feeding, should be water, cement, the amount of water should be a specific dose, add cement to slowly, don’t all pour into the pulping machine, to avoid stirring in the dry powder, uneven mixing phenomenon.

3. The grouting pump station must be checked for power supply before use. Prolonged interruptions should be avoided during grouting and equipment should be cleaned with water in case of sudden interruptions. If there is residual mortar cement in the pulping machine, the pulping machine should be kept in working condition to avoid cement mortar settling.

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