Grout mixing equipment for sale

August 17, 2020
Grout mixing equipment for sale
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Wodetec is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development, production, sales and provision of construction and engineering equipment services for grout mixing equipment. Wodetec has the most advanced imported production equipment and complete production technology. Wodetec has many independent intellectual property rights. Based on continuous technological innovation, the design capacity of the grout mixing equipment has reached international standards. 
grout mixing equipment for sale
The grout mixing equipment is a key equipment in grouting construction, which is suitable for grouting water blocking, filling gaps, strengthening broken rock layers in construction sites such as mines, tunnels, water conservancy, subways, buildings, and bridges.
grout mixing equipment
The performance and quality of the grouting pump play a decisive role in the safety, quality and efficiency of the grouting project. If the choice of grouting pump is blind and random, it may cost a lot and fail to achieve the desired effect. It may even cause engineering accidents, which should be taken as a warning and improved scientific.
The grout mixing equipment produced by Wodetec has the advantages of low energy consumption, low vibration, low noise, small volume, high efficiency, stable and reliable performance, convenient pressure and flow adjustment, and long service life. The maximum pressure of the pump can be set; it can avoid unnecessary losses during the grouting process; the grouting method is to hydraulically press the slurry into the gaps of the rock or soil layer and fill and compact it, and new cracks will be punched out during the grouting process as a result, the grouting pressure changes frequently, and sometimes the grouting pressure will change drastically, and the characteristics of this working condition determine the proper performance of the grouting pump:
(1) The grout mixing equipment should have a large adjustment range of the discharge volume. Generally, the change of the final grouting volume and the initial grouting volume is about 8 to 10 times. The small final amount of grouting proves the good filling and compaction.
(2) The grout mixing equipment should have reliable pressure control capability. Because the grouting "filling and compacting" will inevitably form the overpressure of the grouting pump, the pump should reduce the slurry discharge in time to reduce the flow resistance of the slurry in the gap, thereby avoiding grouting fracturing and road surface bumps, mechanical accidents, etc. The grouting pump preferably has the ability to automatically adjust the amount of slurry discharged with the grouting pressure changes.
(3) The grout mixing equipment should be easy to operate and maintain and safe and reliable to use. Because the slurry used by the grouting pump is easy to precipitate and solidify, the grouting pump must ensure that there is no pause during each grouting (preventive maintenance before grouting should be done). The operating conditions under the mine are difficult, and the grout mixing equipment must be reliable and absolutely explosion-proof.
grout mixing equipment price

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