Grout mixer machine for making cement slurry

September 10, 2019

The Wodetec grouting mixer machine WMA500-1000E high-speed grouting mixer is used for making cement grout for Polish road grouting work.

The specifications of WMA500-1000E high speed grouting mixer machines are as follows:

The high-speed grouting mixer machine has a volume of 500L, a power of 7.5kw, a stirrer volume of 1000L and a power of 1.5kw. The mixing time is about 2-3 minutes, so that 8-12 m3 of cement slurry can be produced in one hour.

Wodetec grouting mixer is designed for continuous cement mixing. It is used for grouting construction and special mixing of slurry. High-speed grouting mixer is widely used water resources, electric power, coal, railway, transportation, construction, mining and other engineering departments.

Where can I find the WMA500-1000E grouting mixer machine?

How do I get a WMA500-1000E high speed grout mixer?

Please send your questions to

grout mixer for making cement slurry

In order to provide you with the right model and to provide you with the best high-speed grout mixer price, please tell us the following points in your inquiry, because the high-tech equipment is the leading brand of China high-speed grouting mixer, now there are seven types of high With a speed grout mixer, we can also customize a suitable high-speed grout mixer for you, because it has its own technical team and research and development capabilities, you can design high-speed grout mixers according to your needs, you can also customize your color.

Please tell us your requirements for grout mixers, for example:

1. What materials do you mix, only cement, water, right?

2. What is the W/C ratio? > 0.45:1?

3. What kind of mixer capacity do you need, 750L, 500L, 400L, 100L or more?

4. Do you want a high-speed grout mixer with electric motor or diesel engine?

If you want a grout mixer with an electric motor, what is the voltage on the job site, 3-phase, 380v, 50HZ or other?

5. What are the requirements for the color of the high-speed grout mixer?

Usually our high speed grout mixer is yellow, blue, white, if you want other colors,

Please also tell us the color code.

grout mixer machine for making cement slurry

Once the answers to the above questions have been confirmed, the price of the right model high-speed grouting mixer machine for making cement slurry and the best high-speed grouting mixer will be the first.

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