Green engineering for sideslope hydroseeder

December 15, 2020

When you are racing on the highway, are you attracted by the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road? Have you ever wondered how the lush bushes and green lawns are planted on these steep slopes? These are all formed by the slope spraying greening construction:

green engineering for sideslope hydroseeder

Green engineering for sideslope hydroseeder is a new ecological slope protection method that can protect the exposed mountain slope. It can be combined with traditional civil engineering slope protection (reinforced anchor support, hanging nets, lattice structures, etc.) to achieve ecological vegetation on the slope Recovery and protection. Not only has the function of conserving water and soil, but also can improve the environment and landscape. Common technological methods for slope greening include the spraying method of hanging nets and guest soil, vegetation concrete spraying, high-order aggregate spraying, and the fiber skeleton aggregate structure spraying technology introduced by Jingxiu Ecological in the past two years. The equipment that realizes these constructions is the spray seeder.

green engineering for sideslope hydroseeder

The green engineering for sideslope hydroseeder is the main equipment used in slope greening. Through this equipment, the soil substrate, greening grass and shrub seeds, water retaining agent, adhesive, fertilizer, etc. are mixed with water in the mixing tank of the spray planter to form a colloidal slurry, which is sprayed on the slope with the green engineering for sideslope hydroseeder. Since the slurry contains water-retaining materials, bonding materials, and various nutrients, it not only ensures the source of water and other nutrients needed for plant growth, but also prevents rain erosion from destroying the sprayed materials, so plants can grow healthily and rapidly. It is mainly used in greening projects such as slope greening of highways and railways, mountain restoration of wounds, soilless coverage of landfills, mine greening, desert control, river embankment protection, water conservation, and large-scale green space reconstruction.

green engineering for sideslope hydroseeder

In many years of practical research and development, the green engineering for sideslope hydroseeder has achieved world advanced in many indicators: the solid content of the slurry can reach 80%, at this concentration, the direct spray is 70 meters, the head is 200 meters, and the pressure can reach 2.4 MPa. Domestic and foreign equipment with high slurry concentration, high pressure and good market sales, supporting crushed soil screening machine, screens the soil used for construction, makes the greening spraying construction more continuous and economical, and can realize two people, one set Machine, a project! Greatly improve the construction efficiency.

Choose lead green engineering for sideslope hydroseeder, means you will choose a more horsepower with high efficiency hydraulic system. slope hydroseeding machine is more conveniences with larger tank size and bigger fillport for a quicker, more efficient. This design can significantly speed up the loading process from start to finish. More durable in manufacture and design with the ability for less wear on the hydraulic motors, enabling a longer life of the tank top. Operator platform is perfect for improved comfort and accessibility.

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