Customized hose peristaltic pump manufacturer

January 15, 2021

The advent of hose pumps can be traced back to more than half a century ago, and the first fire protection engineering that appeared in the US state of Connecticut is used to transport mortar slurry. Wodetec hose peristaltic pump Manufacturing has introduced industrial hose pump technology for many years. Through the unremitting efforts of our engineers, we have continuously improved on the basis of the original hose pump, and made continuous progress in both materials and production processes.

customized hose peristaltic pump manufacturer

Peristaltic Pumps have been exported to the USA, Canada, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Korea, Bahrain and Nepal. The export amount is up to USD1000,000.00. Peristaltic Pumps have many types, and you can customize hose pump that consists mainly of pump house, rotor, roller, idle roller, squeeze tube and driving unit. 

customized hose peristaltic pump manufacturer

The customized hose peristaltic pump has special valveless low speed and low pressure transmission characteristics, which will not cause substantial changes to the slurry, and is particularly suitable for the transportation of some slurry containing expansion, bubbles, fibers, foam and other characteristics. It is mainly used in engineering construction, production addition, mining protection, smelting and mixing, sewage cleaning, chemical pumping and other fields.

 customized hose peristaltic pump manufacturer

Wodetec has specialized in the development and production of industrial hose pumps for many years, and have extensive experience in the application of hose pumps in various fields. The use characteristics of the hose pump, the use requirements and requirements of specific working conditions have a wealth of use data records. If you want to customized hose peristaltic pump, then choose a more professional manufacturer.To choose Zhengzhou Wodetec is to choose quality, quality, service, and trust. As a professional manufacturer of hose pumps, Zhengzhou Wodetec spares no effort in fulfilling its commitments to customers, and solves problems encountered by customers in later use faster and better, so that we always adhere to the principle.

If you need hose pump, please tell us the output capacity and working pressure you require. You could tell us what your local voltage is; we could customize suitable voltage motor for you. If your working site is remote and inconvenient to get power supply, we could also diesel engine hose pump for you.

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