Castable gunning machine for sale

December 13, 2018

Castable gunning machine is mainly used for spraying refractory, castable in steel plant. Castable gunning machine for sale of Wodetec belong to dry type shotcrete machine, why not choose common dry mix shotcrete machine for spraying refractory materials? The reason is the following aspects.

Castable gunning machine for sale

First, from equipment itself, refractory gunning machine is specially designed for spraying refractory, castable materials.It is equipped with ABB frequency converter, high pressure water pump, new type pre-dampening nozzle assy, which will be helpful for refractory gunning machine to achieve best spraying effect. Operator could control the rotor speed by adjust ABB frequency converter, the output could adjust from 2 tons/h to 6 tons/h. There are two pieces of needle valve in the nozzle assy, which could accurately adjust the amount of water added, greatly reduce operator skill proficiency.

Castable gunning machine for sale

Second, from economic considerations, refractory gunning machine could reduce refractory rebound to 10%~15% in the use. As what we know, refractory materials cost is lower than common concrete, reducing the rebound is helpful to save produce cost for customers. Besides, there is less dust in the use with refractory gunning machine work, it will be beneficial to the health of the operator.

Wodetec could provide a full set of refractory castable gunning machine, including high pressure water pump, conveying hose ID38mm, water hose and new type pre-dampening nozzle assy etc. Customers purchase castable refractory gunning machine from us, it could directly use in working site, only need extra rent suitable air compressor and air hose.

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