Blast proof shotcrete machine for sale

December 26, 2018

Explosion proofing cement shotcrete machine is a high-effective shotcrete machine, which is mainly used for dry-mix, damp-mix shotcreting and steel fiber reinforced shotcreting.

WSZ3000 mining explosion-proof shotcrete machine is mainly used in mine tunnel, shaft, caverns support and structural reinforcement and concrete construction.

Blast proof shotcrete machine for sale

Tunnels support slope reinforement use electric shotcrete machine for sale is for wet mixed concrete spraying work, need to adding quick setting agent on nozzle before spray out.

After mixed cement, sand, stone a certain proportion, WSZ3000 mining explosion-proof gunite machine used compressed air as the power to spray to the surface with a high-speed after nozzle is mixed with water. It mainly used to spray the concrete mixed by sand, cement gravel. But the stones diameter should be less than 20 mm, so as to ensure the injection of fluency.

Blast proof shotcrete machine for sale

Blast proof shotcrete machine features:

1. Fourpoint clamping device make it easy to adjust the press between sealing plate and rotordisk so as to no air and dust leak and prolong consumption parts life.

2. Nonadhesion going through rotor with new material chamber, completely eliminate bonding and blocking during operation so as to reduce clearance and maintenance period.

3. Thin flow conveying method with vortex flow, so the spraying flow is even, continuous and steady, to improve the shocrete quality.

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