What is castable refractory mixer?

July 20, 2021

The castable refractory mixer, also called a refractory castable mixer, is a type of forced mixer. Wode Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Has developed a new generation of refractory mixers based on traditional refractory bread mixers after many years of work experience. High-capacity refractory pan mixers are characterized by higher transmission efficiency, stronger construction, longer service life, and lower failure rate.

  castable refractory mixer

The castable refractory mixer are widely used in steel mills, refractory plants, new building material plants, etc. to mix and mix wet and dry materials. The operating principle of the refractory castable mixer is mainly to press the start button of the power distribution cabinet, the fireproof pan mixer is connected to the power supply, and the motor drives the mixing arm to move the cycloid reducer in a circular motion. After normal operation, the purpose is to add the material to the mixing drum and rotate the material up and down while stirring the mixer excavator to mix and mix evenly.

  castable refractory mixer

The castable refractory mixer can mix plastic concrete, mortar, slag, paint, castable, silicate products, etc. (Large capacity refractory pan mixer has large mixing capacity, uniform mixing, fast, quick and clean discharge It comes with a current protector for convenient use and easy motor damage. The inner and outer scrapers are easy to disassemble and assemble, and the gap is adjustable).

  castable refractory mixer

Features of castable refractory mixer:

1.The castable refractory mixer's unique mixing method can greatly improve the mixing quality and mixing speed of materials. The number of revolutions of the material per unit time is greatly increased, the mixing cycle of the castable is shortened, and the production efficiency is increased.

2. This new type of castable refractory mixer has a unique design of the whole mechanical structure. Forcible dispersion and mixing of materials greatly eliminates the phenomenon of material adhesion. Even when the material has a high moisture content, the massive non-adhesive, non-adhesive bottom overcomes major technical problems that cannot be solved by conventional refractory mixer equipment and greatly improves the mixing quality.

3.The castable refractory mixer is an important refractory mixer. Large fireproof pan mixers are widely used and promoted in the industry due to their compact structural design, lightweight and convenient operating characteristics, pollution-free mixing and sealing, low noise and low energy consumption. .. It is a high quality mixer specially designed for castable site construction.

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