What does a concrete pump do?

January 09, 2021

Concrete pump is a kind of widely used concrete machinery and equipment because they are reasonably priced and because of their small size, they are not limited to the space of construction sites. Concrete pump can be divided into electric motor power and diesel engine power. Electric concrete pumps are more suitable for use in normal power supply areas and construction sites. Because diesel-powered concrete pumps are widely used for low-cost and powerful diesel engine power that is not affected by power, their use cost is slightly higher than that of electric pumps.

What does a concrete pump do?

The concrete pump is mainly composed of a pump body and a delivery pipe. The concrete pump for small building project is a machine that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along the pipeline. It is mainly used for house construction, bridge construction and tunnel construction. The concrete pump for small building project is widely used in special construction environments, such as railway and highway tunnels, back tunnels, culverts, mines, bridges and other filling projects, injection into the structural pillars of large buildings, etc.

The small concrete pump can be used by pulling the concrete pump on the pipeline. It has the ability of long-distance pumping. The pipeline layout is flexible and can transport the concrete to the construction site. It has the advantages of stable construction, high efficiency, high quality, low cost, and low environmental pollution. Concrete pumps are widely used in the construction of concrete building projects in modern cities, airports, roads, beams, water saving, electricity and energy.

What does a concrete pump do?

Unique advantages of concrete pumps:

1. The small concrete pump adopts S-shaped pipe valve, which has good speed regulation performance, high inlet and outlet working pressure, suitable for high-rise buildings and long-distance transportation.

2. The main gasoline pump adopts high quality constant power variable plunger pump, the management system has high working pressure, high efficiency and stable operation.

3. The small concrete pump S pipeline valve is equipped with a wear-resistant floating ring, which can actively compensate for damage and has excellent air tightness.

4. The cutting ring and glass plate are made of cemented carbide cutting tools, and the small concrete pump is durable.

5. The driver of the small concrete pump mixer uses a low-speed high-torque hydraulic motor.

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