Wet shotcrete machine application

August 26, 2019

Wet mix shotcrete machine is widely used in mining, culverts, building excavation, river slope protection and other projects.

 application of wet spraying machine

The dry ingredients will be mixed, and the hopper mixer will be manually mixed, and an appropriate amount of water will be added, and the materials are uniformly stirred by a mixer and then placed in a spray machine. The nozzle then mixes the sprayed surface with good material by the gas delivery pressure of the delivery tube. When the mixture is sprayed into the nozzle, it is mixed with the accelerating pump output liquid accelerator to accelerate the solidification of the concrete.
wet shotcrete machine application
Advantages wet mix shotcrete machine:
1. Wet spray concrete mixture is easy to control;
2. Reduce the rebound, can effectively control the cost;
3. The dust is small during construction;
4. High production efficiency;
5. Equipment and materials wear less.
wet spraying machine application

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