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December 03, 2019
Grouting pump station produced by Wodetec is a hybrid mechanical equipment integrating pulping machine, mixer and grouting pump. Wodetec is a grouting pump station supplier for 20 years. The grouting pressure and displacement of our grouting pump can be steplessly adjustable; the whole machine is compact and easy to operate. The space is small. Since the grouting pump station has been put on the market, it has been well received by domestic and foreign customers. It is mainly used in grouting projects such as dams, tunnels, subways, mines and anchoring, cables and anchor cables in civil engineering. However, the application of the grouting pump station is not limited to this, and it is widely used in reinforcement, grouting, and support projects in construction engineering, marine engineering, and mining engineering. It can be said that as long as the grouting project requiring high-strength continuous operation is indispensable for the grouting pump station.
compact grouting pump station for sale
The mechanism of the pulper and the mixer integrated in the grouting pump station produced by the manufacturer of Wodetec is mutually advantageous. The pulping machine adopts high-speed eddy current pulping, and the pulping is rapid and uniform. The medium such as water and cement can be quickly mixed into uniform slurry, and then the uniformly mixed slurry is sent to the mixing tank, and the hose pump sucks the slurry from the mixing tank to realize the grouting or grouting operation; at this time, the next round can be simultaneously performed. Pulping, and so on, can achieve continuous pulping and grouting operations. The hose pump uses three squeeze wheels, which are continuous in slurry and small in pulse.
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The grouting pump station produced by Wodetec can be divided into two types: motor-driven grouting pumping station and diesel-driven grouting pumping station according to the driving method. If the grouting pumping station is hydraulically classified, it can be classified. The grouting pump is divided into a hydraulic grouting pump station and a non-hydraulic grouting pump station. At the same time, Wodetec has set different types of markings according to the different output power and configuration of the grouting pump station to facilitate the distinction. Wodetec supplies different types of grouting pump stations to customers for their choice.
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Wodetec can also customize the grouting pump station suitable for the local construction environment, voltage and site according to the customer's needs to assist the customer to complete the project. WCGP800/1200/130H-E grouting pumping station customized products, customers put forward their requirements, then the engineers in our professional R&D team carry out the project design, communicate with the customers, and finally negotiate the solutions approved by the customers. After the successful development, it was sent to the customer's location. WCP800/1200/130H-E grouting pump station performed well during the on-site construction process and received good feedback from customers.
grouting pump station for sale

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