Squeeze hose pump for foam concrete

May 23, 2020

Squeeze hose pump for foam concrete

Wodetec squeeze hose pump for foam concrete is a kind of peristaltic hose pump, which is suitable for transferring foam concrete, handling aggressive, high viscosity, high density products, such as abrasive slurries, corrosive acids, gaseous liquids, sand, cement mortar, liquid accelerate, etc. It can also be used for metering pump with metering accuracy of 1%.

squeeze pump for foam concrete

Foam concrete squeeze hose pump is specially designed for pumping fluid foam concrete equipment, there is a foam concrete machine, it uses peristaltic pump to pump foam concrete. The foam concrete machinery is a complete production line for the production and pumping of foam concrete, including feeding system, mixing system, foaming system and pumping system, so it is an ideal machine for producing foam concrete products. Moreover, the foam concrete production line is time-saving and convenient, and has high cost performance.

hose pump for foam concrete

Squeeze pump for foam concrete working principle:
The squeeze hose in the pump room is U-shaped. When the rotor drives the drum to rotate, the hose deforms. After the drum rotates, the deformed hose will recover through its elasticity. Therefore, under the negative pressure of the hose, a negative pressure will be generated to attract the mud, and it will be discharged through the outlet under the push of the roller, and finally the pressure transmission of the mud will be formed.

squeeze hose pump for foam concrete

Application of squeeze hose pump:
1. Construction - pumping the light-weight concrete or foam concrete, cement slurry, mortar or etc.
2. Chemicals - corrosive acids and alkalis. Textiles - fibers, dyes and additives.
3. Pints and pigments - dispersed abrasives, pigments and latex transfers.
4. Water and wastewater treatment - lime, potassium salts, sodium hypochlorite, iron chloride and sludge.
5. Printing and packaging - varnishes, inks, coatings and adhesives.
6. Mining and Mineral Separation - Tailings
7. Slurry, sludge and reagents.
8. Ceramics and glass - fine porcelain.

foam concrete hose pump spare part

Advantages of squeeze pump for foam concrete:
1. Unique structure, no seals, no leakage, no pollution.
2. Using advanced rolling process, no lubrication required.
3. High suction force, self-cleaning ability, can be two-way suction.
4. The hose installation is simple, the operation is simple, the assembly and maintenance is easy, and the maintenance cost is reduced.
5. Flow linear adjustment, restriction, measurement ability.
6. No obstruction when pumping fluids containing high viscosity and foreign matter.
7. Long service life.
8. High delivery lift and output pressure.

customized squeeze pump for foam concrete

In order to recommend the suitable model squeeze pump for your project, please let us know output capacity and working pressure you require. Want to know much more detailed squeeze pump for foam concrete information, please contact us directly, email address: sales@wodetec.com

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