Spray grass seed hydroseeding machine

April 26, 2021

1. Overview of the spray grass seed hydroseeding machine:

Spray grass seed hydroseeding machine is to make the guest soil form a granulated structure with agglomerating agent. The reinforced fiber acts as a network reinforcement similar to plant rhizomes, thereby creating a certain thickness that is resistant to rain and wind erosion, firm and breathable, and is compatible with natural topsoil. Similar or better porous stabilized soil structure.

 Spray grass seed hydroseeding machine

2. Technical points of the spray grass seed hydroseeding machine:

1. The sowing substrate is an important factor for the success of sowing:

The spray grass seed hydroseeding machine can be mixed with wood fiber (or pulp) according to a certain ratio. It has better adhesion and water retention performance than pure wood fiber alone. It can be thin and very barren in the soil layer. , Even spraying on the slope of weathered rock, the thickness of spraying is generally 10-20cm.

 Spray grass seed hydroseeding machine

2. The amount of water retaining agent and adhesive:

The water-retaining agent can be adjusted according to the different climatic conditions and the characteristics of the rock field; the adhesive can be determined according to the slope of the rock wall, which is proportional to the slope.

3. Hang the net:

First fix the anchor nails on the stone wall at a certain interval, and then hang the net.

 Spray grass seed hydroseeding machine

4. Grass seed selection:

The sown grass should be a perennial variety with well-developed root system, fast-growing, drought-resistant, and barren tolerance; if the local winter is cold, the frost resistance of the variety should also be considered.

5. Mixed broadcasting:

Use the complementarity of grass species, such as deep rooting and shallow rooting, legumes and grasses, field and local, early and late development, and other characteristics for mixed sowing.

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