Special advantages of shotcrete machine

November 07, 2018


Shotcrete machines are widely used in tunnels, culverts, subways, bridges, coal mines, high-moisture mines, hydropower projects, underground projects, construction projects and other protective engineering machines. It is used to prevent sand and gravel from falling on the inner wall of the tunnel and prevent accidents such as landslides and landslides. The application of concrete jets has been greatly reduced due to the significant reduction in manpower and material expenditures.

Shotcrete jets can be divided into mine type and non-mine type according to the application. According to the sprayed concrete material, it can be divided into dry type and wet type. The concrete design pulping machine currently produced by Zhengzhou Wode in the original dry and wet type, the driving method is classified according to the driving method, and the concrete wet spraying machine produced by Wode is divided into electric, diesel, and oil three.

So what is the operation of the shotcrete machine? First, the old belt should be placed at the injection site before the start of the dry shotcrete. The rebound rate should not exceed 10%. Open the water and open the air, adjust the water volume, keep the wind pressure not lower than 0.4MPa, the water pressure should be about 0.1MPa higher than the wind pressure, and the water added amount is controlled by the experience of the shooter, the water-cement ratio is 0.4. The spray hand operates the spray head and flushes the rock face from top to bottom. Power transmission, start the shotcrete machine, and load the shotcrete work.

According to the feeding condition, adjust the amount of Feng Shui again to ensure that there is no dry spot on the spray surface, no runny, strong adhesion, and less rebound material. The jet hand segments are jetted in the order from the bottom to the top of the wall. When spraying concrete, the nozzle should be as perpendicular as possible to the spray surface, and the angle should not be less than 70 degrees. During the spraying operation, the running track of the nozzle should be spiral, and the moving direction should be evenly and slowly moved according to the diameter of 200-300mm. The thickness of a shotcrete shall be 50-70mm, and it shall be re-injected in time. The interval between re-spraying shall not exceed 2 hours. Otherwise, apply high pressure water to re-rinse the sprayed surface. Two people should be equipped. One person holds the nozzle for spraying, one person assists the lighting and is responsible for the contact, and observes the safety of the top and the quality of the spray. After the end of the injection operation, the operation is stopped in the order of stopping the material first, then stopping the water, then stopping the power, and finally closing the wind. After the shotcrete is finished, remove the nozzle, clean the mortar or material inside and outside the shotcrete, and wind the duct and water pipe. Clean up and collect the rebound material and use up the currently used mix.

In addition, the concrete used for the concrete jet machine is a concrete with the same raw material as ordinary concrete and a special construction process. Shotcrete is made by mixing cement, sand and stone in a certain proportion and then feeding it into a concrete jet machine. The dry mix is pressed to the nozzle by air compression, and water is added at the water ring of the nozzle. A support form and construction method for supporting the surface of the roadway surrounding the rock. In the mine shaft, the shotcrete support combined with the bolt support is used to replace the original stone masonry and concrete lining, and the obvious effect has been achieved.

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