Small shotcrete concrete machine for sale South Africa

September 03, 2021

Small shotcrete concrete machine for sale South Africa features a reasonable structure, stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, and a long life. Small shotcrete concrete machine for sale are widely used in mines, tunnels, culverts, subways, and slope supports,construction for protected roads, hydraulic engineering, underground engineering, coal mining high gas mines.

 Small shotcrete concrete machine for sale South Africa

Small shotcrete concrete machine for sale South Africa uses compressed air to carry a constant proportion of concrete mixture into the pipeline and spray it at high speed onto the spray surface to harden it, forming a concrete support layer. In recent years, shotcrete concrete technology has been widely used in fields such as construction, railway tunnel construction, tunnel construction, slope reinforcement, etc. due to its simple technology, effectiveness, economic cost and rapid construction speed.

 Small shotcrete concrete machine for sale South Africa

Precautions when using a small shotcrete concrete machine for sale South Africa:

1. If the transport pipe is clogged, switch it to the manual position, turn on only the air compressor, remove the joint in front of the pump head, shut off the spray and increase the wind pressure. Generates back pressure and reduces transport. The remaining slurry in the tube is blown away. After installing the joint, you can start normal operation. If the pump pressure is insufficient during work, you can adjust the booster stator bolts or replace the booster rubber sleeves and booster screws.

2. Workers must wear safety helmets, protective goggles, work clothes and other labor protection products during sandblasting. It is strictly forbidden to start idling when there is no water or substance in the hopper. If mortar is generated during long hours of work If the transmission overflows or makes a strange noise, immediately stop the inspection, replace the mechanical seal, and perform maintenance and repair to prevent damage to the equipment. Please give me.

3. When spraying, the nozzle should be as perpendicular as possible to the spray surface and the spray distance can be adjusted according to the spray effect. It should be sprayed evenly in layers and coordinated with the flattening process. If the walls are too dry or the spray is too long, the flattening effect will be seriously affected. Intelligent operations of operations require changes in operating procedures and processes at any time. If the mortar is too thick or the resistance of the machine is too high when the machine is idle, the load on the motor can easily increase. In the event of abnormal noise or clogging of pipes, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection and the consistency of the mortar in the hopper should be adjusted.

 Small shotcrete concrete machine for sale South Africa

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