Small hydroseeding equipment for sale

October 14, 2021

Small hydroseeding equipment for sale mixes soil, water and organic substrates uniformly, selects the appropriate substrate for different gradients, stirs to mix the substrates evenly and sprays on complex slopes with a spray gun. Small hydroseeding equipment for sale has one machine and versatile functions, which can generate more price for our customers.

Environmental protection is becoming more and more important, especially in the construction of large highways today. The surrounding excavated slopes adversely affect the natural environment and landscape along the line, resulting in soil erosion, vegetation destruction, and a sharp decline in landscape quality, so topics such as slope protection, greening, and landscape restoration I have. It is becoming more and more important.

 Small hydroseeding equipment for sale

On some special slopes, such as rock slopes, the importance of small hydroseeding equipment  is clear. The steep rock shape and lack of nutrients and water needed for plant growth make it difficult for plants to survive and maintain in their natural state. If you use the small hydroseeding equipment , you do not need to use anchor bolts, but hang a wooden stick directly on the slope before spraying. Compared to traditional equipment, small hydroseeding equipment for sale can save on the cost of anchor bolts, reducing construction difficulties and costs.

 Small hydroseeding equipment for sale

Keep the following in mind when using small hydroseeding equipment for sale:

1. Hang the net. First, fix the anchor nails to the stone wall on a regular basis and hang the net.

2. Choose a grass seed. The small hydroseeding equipment must be perennial varieties with well-developed roots, rapid growth, drought and barren resistance. If the local winter is cold, the freeze resistance of the varieties should also be considered.

3. Hybrid broadcasting. Uses grass species complementarity such as deep and shallow roots, beans and grass, field and topical, early and late development, and other mixed spray properties.

4. Water retention and adhesion. Water retention agents can be adjusted according to different climatic conditions and rock characteristics. The adhesive can be determined according to the slope of the rock wall, which is directly proportional to the slope.

Small hydroseeding equipment for sale

5. Spraying the basic materials is an important factor for a successful spray. Peat soil is an excellent spray material and can be mixed with wood fiber (or pulp and paper) in a certain proportion. It has better adhesion and water retention than pure wood fiber alone. Even when spraying on weathered rock slopes, the thickness of the spray is usually 10-20 cm.

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