Shotcrete pump for swimming pool

September 12, 2019
The shotcrete pump is a hose-type concrete spraying pump that typically includes a hose pump, hopper and hydraulic system. The output capacity is 1-3m3 / h, the largest. The aggregate size is 10 mm. It controls the output and working pressure through a hydraulic valve. The maximum working pressure of the shotcrete pump depends on the characteristics of the extruded hose. For the Chinese brand of extruded hose, the maximum working pressure is 1.6Mpa and the service life is about 800 hours. The French Trelleborg squeeze hose can work at pressures up to 3Mpa and has a service life of approximately 1200 hours. Customers can choose the right squeeze hose for different project needs.
Shotcrete pump for swimming pool
The WSD1500 shotcrete pump is a multi-purpose concrete shotcrete pump for shotcrete and pumping concrete. When spraying concrete pumps, additional air compressors are required to provide compressed air in the nozzles and spray concrete on the working surface. The recommended air compressor is 3m3 / min and the working pressure is 0.6Mpa. When pumping concrete, the air concrete pump is no longer needed and the working pressure of the hose pump can pump the concrete to the appropriate location.
concrete spraying pump for swimming pump
Depending on the type of drive, WDS1500 concrete shotcrete pumps are divided into WDS1500G (Honda GX630 gasoline engine), WDS1500E (motor) and WDS1500D (diesel engine). For the Honda GX630 petrol engine, once the machine fails, customers can easily find replacement parts locally. For electric motors, we can customize the right voltage motor to the customer's local voltage.
WDS1500 concrete spraying pumps are widely used in dome engineering, swimming pool engineering, artificial rock engineering, etc. Thanks to its good quality and competitive price, the WDS1500 concrete spraying pump received better feedback from its customers. For more details, please visit our website:
Concrete jet pump for swimming pools and artificial rocks.

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