Safety operation rules of grouting pump

February 21, 2021

1. Preparation before grouting:

1. Check whether the power supply of the grouting pump is normal.

2. Check the motor and gear oil pump, and rotate it several times.

3. Turn on the pressure gauge switch and release the pressure regulating handwheel of the overflow valve.

4. Put the suction pipe into clean water for test machine use.

5. Check whether the steering direction of the motor and gear oil pump is correct.

6. Check whether the hydraulic reversing valve block can control the reciprocating movement of the cylinder.

7. Start the motor, adjust the system pressure to 1~2Mpa, test run for about 5 minutes (at this time the mixer slurry valve is fully opened), if it runs normally, close the valve on the mixer and adjust the oil pressure to the required level The maximum pressure, then stop the grouting pump and prepare for formal work. 

Safety operation rules of grouting pump

2. Formal grouting operation:

1. Open the grouting valve of the mixer and inject water for 1 minute.

2. If everything is normal, the two suction pipes should be quickly put into the slurry tank to perform normal grouting operations.

3. After each grouting is completed, if you do not continue grouting, you should immediately transfer the two suction pipes to the clear water tank to clean the remaining slurry in the grouting pump to prevent the slurry from solidifying over time and increase unnecessary trouble.

4. After the working cylinder and the intake and exhaust valve body are cleaned, the slurry suction pipe should be taken out of the water, continue to operate the grouting pump, drain the remaining slurry in the working cylinder and the intake and exhaust valve body, and then cut off the power supply.

Three, the use of grouting pump matters needing attention:

1. The grouting pump should be placed in a horizontal position as far as possible to avoid twisting and discounting of the oil pipe and suction pipe. The suction pipe should be as short as possible and the vertical distance should not exceed one meter.

2. Check and clean the oil tank net and oil filter screen regularly, and replace the hydraulic oil regularly. It is recommended to replace the hydraulic oil once a month or so. Use No. 46 hydraulic oil in summer and No. 32 hydraulic oil in winter, with about 45 kg of hydraulic oil changed each time.

3. There must be sufficient water at the work site to facilitate work.

4. All hydraulic joints should be checked regularly and they should not be loosened.

5. Construction operators must have certain grouting experience to ensure smooth construction operations.

6. The electric control box, motor and electrical appliances should be kept clean and dry, and the wires of the above components should be checked frequently to prevent damage and leakage.

7. When transporting the grouting pump machine, don't have big bumps, and don't knock the parts of the machine at will.

Safety operation rules of grouting pump

Four, grouting pump cleaning and maintenance:

1. If the grouting pump is no longer in use in the near future, the inlet and outlet valve body and working cylinder should be disassembled, cleaned, brushed with anti-rust liquid or grease, and then assembled for use. 2. Disassembly method:

① Remove the intake and exhaust valve body.

②Remove the two nuts on the screw at the end of the working cylinder and remove the cylinder head and cylinder barrel. Please do not damage the seals when disassembling. The above analysis hopes to help everyone! If you want to know more related knowledge content, you can continue to follow us!

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