Refractory gunite machine sales Australia

June 17, 2021

Refractory gunite machine sales Australia on the market are mainly used to spray a certain percentage of refractory material through compressed air at high speed to form a refractory layer on the surface of the sprayed structure. Refractory gunite machine sales Australia are characterized by high construction speed, high efficiency and high engineering quality, and are widely used for thermal repair of refractory in industrial furnaces, tunnels, calverts, subways, hydropower projects and underground projects. Concrete spraying, mining roads, highway slope protection, concrete spraying, construction site support, thermal sandblasting of fireproof layers of industrial furnaces, etc. The refractory coating machines on the market are highly regarded by users for their excellent quality, heavy workload, high efficiency and simplicity. 

Refractory gunite machine sales Australia

 Features of refractory gunite machine sales:

1. The refractory gunite machine sales has multiple functions such as mixing, transporting and spraying.

2. The concrete casting quality is good, the construction speed is fast, and labor cost can be saved.

3. The refractory gunite machine sales Australia is a stereotyped product with excellent quality and durability, with enough spare parts to install the parts, which is convenient for the user to replace in time.

 Refractory gunite machine sales Australia

The refractory gunite machine sales Australia mainly consist of drive units, rotor assemblies, air duct systems, spray systems and electrical control boxes.

Drive: A fully sealed oil immersion reducer 11 is mounted on the bottom of the machine and equipped with a 3-speed gear transmission, with a total gear ratio of approximately 87 and a gear shift efficiency of approximately 92%. The electric motor 13 is mounted parallel to the rotor shaft and perpendicular to the speed reducer.

Rotor Assembly: This refractory coating machine for sale employs a rotor made of its own straight, non-adhesive material, with each round hole lined with a plastic cavity made of non-adhesive material. This improves the machine's ability to process gun material and reduces the workload of cleaning maintenance.

Airpass system: Three spherical valves are used to control the upper airpass leading to the main airpass and rotor and the lower airpass leading to the cyclone. Another small air duct is used to supply air to the hopper vibrator. On the leeward road, there is also a pressure gauge to monitor the working pressure of the water supply pipe.

 Refractory gunite machine sales Australia

Spray system: This system consists of a delivery hose and an auxiliary humidification micro control nozzle assembly. The transport tube of the fireproof sprayer uses wear resistant rubber hose, the nozzle adopts the principle of double spherical multiphase flow chamber, and mixes the spray paint and the mixture more thoroughly under sufficient air flow.

Electrical Control: Fireproof coating machine includes frequency conversion motor, frequency conversion control, external frequency conversion adjustment knob, professional famous and high quality electric control, and dustproof cabinet.

 Refractory gunite machine sales Australia

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