Refractory gunite machine for sale

May 15, 2021

Shotcrete processes are used for repairs, and since 1915, the installation of new industrial melting and firing facilities, blast furnace linings, spoons, foundry facilities, oil and cement manufacturing plant relining, professional wet and dry Shotcrete method, heat resistant material. The spraying process allows process downtime and is part of the other benefits of the day-to-day work of "hot" installation of certain materials in new equipment as this unique method of construction of the concrete manufacturing cycle.

Refractory gunite machine for sale  

Refractory gunite machine for sale is specially designed for spraying refractory in refineries. Equipped with ABB frequency converter, high pressure water pump, new type pre-humidity nozzle assembly, etc. ABB frequency converter used to control the speed of the rotor body and adjust the output from 1m3 / h to 5m3 / h. High pressure water pumps are primarily used to supply high pressure water to nozzle assemblies. High pressure water, even when mixed with refractory, is sprayed through the water ring holes in the nozzle assembly.

 Refractory gunite machine for sale

There are many differences between refractory gun machines for refineries and common dry mix shot cleats machines. Generally, for a typical dry mix gunite machine , there is no ABB frequency converter, high pressure water pump, and new pre-humidity nozzle assembly. Sealing plates also differ between refractory gun machines for refineries and common dry mix shot cleats.

Refractory gunite machine for sale can be cast in steel mills and are widely used for spraying refractories. Given that many of our customers' voltages are different from ours, LEC equipment can also customize the appropriate voltage according to your local voltage.

Refractory gunite machine for sale is primarily used for spraying refractory concrete mixtures during lining of metallurgical and glass factory furnaces, heating equipment boilers, coke oven batteries, cement factories and the like. In the metallurgy, chemistry and glass processing industries.

Due to the fast construction speed, high efficiency, high quality and other important advantages of thermal spraying, the refractory gun machines used in refineries are widely used in the industrial furnace fireproof layer for thermal spray repair work.

 Refractory gunite machine for sale

The refractory gunite machine has the following obvious advantages:

1. Refractory  gunite machine with mixing, transport and spray functions.

2. Improved quality of castable insulation, construction speed, labor saving.

3. Thermal spray metallurgy and industrial furnaces widely used in steel mills.

4, Refractory artillery machine for refinery is a stereotype of product, high quality, durable, wear parts rotating plate, sealing plate, spray gun and other accessories are in stock.

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