Refractory castable mixer machine made in China

February 12, 2021

The refractory castable mixer machine made in China is also called refractory mixer, lifting bucket mixer, fast mixer, etc. The refractory mixer machine from China is a new generation of mixer developed and manufactured by our company based on many years of practical experience. The refractory mixer machine from China mixer adopts a motor to directly drive a cycloid pin reducer transmission. It has a simple and durable structure. It is durable and easy to maintain, and it is equipped with a lifting mechanism, which is more convenient, labor-saving and more efficient. The mixer is used for mixing refractory materials, plastic concrete, mortar, slag, paint, castables, silicate products and other mixed dry materials, semi-dry materials, wet materials or jelly materials. The equipment can also be equipped with various kinds of hoist, automatic batching production line and other equipment. This machine can be customized and processed according to customer needs to meet customer requirements for different occasions.

 refractory castable mixer machine made in China

The refractory castable mixer machine made in China is widely used in the refractory industry, steel industry, building materials industry and other mixing fields, and is well received by users. The composition of China refractory castable mixer machine: mixing host, lifting mechanism, distribution box, mixer sealing cover, etc. The height of the mixer can be customized according to customer requirements.

 refractory castable mixer machine made in China

The refractory mixer machine from China had the following features:

China refractory castable mixer machine adopts the international advanced design concept, combined with the actual requirements of our country to design and manufacture a new generation of mixer, the application of the motor directly drives the cycloid reducer advanced transmission concept, simple structure, improve power output, reduce energy consumption and other characteristics, the reducer drives the mixing The arm rotates, there are five mixing shovel in the mixing drum, the structure is unique and reasonable, the mixing volume is large, the mixing is uniform, the speed is fast, the discharge is fast and clean, the use is convenient, and the maintenance is simple. (A variety of hopper lifting devices can be installed, which are more suitable for your needs and meet your requirements for the use of the mixer on different occasions)

When we use the China refractory castable mixer machine,please remeber the following things:

1. Preparations before starting: check whether there are sundries in the disk, check whether the bolts of various parts are loose, lack, whether the reducer oil is sufficient, check whether the scraper is loose, the angle is correct, the power supply. Whether the wire is leaking.

2. Startup: Clear all the materials in the disk to ensure that it restarts after emptying. Turn on the power and start the machine, listen for abnormal sounds, and add materials according to regulations.

3. Shutdown: Stop the machine after the materials in the pan are finished, and clean the remaining materials in the pan.

4. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the machine after loading.

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