Lightweight insulating castable refractory gunning machine

May 08, 2020

Lightweight insulating castable refractory gunning machine

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At present, the spray repair construction of refractory materials has been widely used and developed in China's metallurgy, petrochemical, cement and other industries.Since the refractory gunning machine is operated under high pressure, the refractory materials are easy to leak, so strict sealing is required, and 1. The wear resistance of the pipeline has higher requirements. To improve the use efficiency of refractory gunning machine and extend the service life of refractory gunning machine is extremely important. Lightweight insulating castable refractory gunning machine is developed and manufactured by Wodetec manufacturer after years of painstaking research, specially for refractory gunning, which can fully meet the high requirements of refractory gunning machine in refractory gunning construction.

WZ-3ER refractory gunite machine with air compressor

The working principle of the lightweight insulating castable refractory gunning machine is to add refractory materials to the vibrating hopper, enter the straight feed cavity of the rotor through the screen, and rotate with the rotor to the discharge port, where it is blown in by the compressed air from the upper air path. The cyclone introduces another stream of compressed air from the cyclone, which blows and accelerates the material in a multi-headed spiral state, and causes it to rotate and float, enter the conveying pipe, and mix with water to spray the sprayed surface when it reaches the nozzle .

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The sealing plate of lightweight insulating castable refractory gunning machine is different from the sealing plate of ordinary dry mixing spraying machine. The conventional sprayer sealing plate has drain holes, while the refractory spray gun sealing plate does not have drain holes. As we all know, refractory or castable materials are much more expensive than ordinary concrete, so no ventilation holes are needed. Lightweight insulating sealing plate is a very important spare part of castable refractory gunning machine. We choose better quality sealing plates for the machine.

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Lightweight insulating castable refractory gunning machine uses compressed air to spray out a certain proportion of refractory materials at high speed during work, forming a refractory layer on the surface of the sprayed material, because of its fast spray construction speed, high efficiency, good engineering quality, etc. The obvious advantages are widely used, mainly suitable for: thermal spray repair operations of industrial furnace kiln refractory layer, concrete spraying and supporting construction of tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground projects, mine roadways, highway protection slopes, etc.

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Wodetec is a professional manufacturer of refractory gunning machine. Our WZ series lightweight insulating castable refractory gunning machine has been sold to dozens of countries and regions around the world. At present, our WZ series refractory gunning machine has three models: WZ-3ER, WZ-3AR, WZ-5ER. If you have other requirements for the machine, we also provide customized services for customers. Please feel free to contact us,
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